Set liner drawing AnnWood

The cost of a set of liners at the time of the order amounted to RUB 378,07 Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Of them 70,78 RUB had to pay shipping ePacket, which promised to deliver the order within 30 days of the track and the track number.

That was the fastest shipping in the history of my orders for Ali! In the Kurgan region in Kurgan the parcel has reached 14 days, I have not even started to track on the website, call the postal service operator of Russia was a complete surprise. I was told that the parcel already in the office waiting for delivery.

The seller Packed the liners above and beyond: post the package inside was lined with bubble wrap. Liners themselves were also sealed in paperco and each liner separately in their packaging and wrapped in absorbent paper in case the leak!

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Cons
  3. Conclusion


This is my first budget outliners AnnWood, before I ordered the expensive microns, each of which cost about 250rub. and sometimes they came and grimy, and dried, so expected everything, and was pleasantly surprised that this not one leaked, had not been dried, was not cracked, noses, all in order.

The quality of their writing again compared with expensive micron: the main difference is that the micron fueled, water-resistant ink that does not spread on paper, does not burn and is not washed off with water and STA of ordinary ink on it from above will draw colors.

But for the price you can buy only one high-quality micron and the 6!

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Worthy liners: deep black, on quality paper the lines are not blurred, the caps are closed tightly.

Especially pleased with the juiciness of the most delicate, most prone to drying. Actively used them for several months and still write like new.


Now about cons: I do have one trick, although outliners and are considered a disposable tool, which can not be refilled after drying — after all, I successfully run a normal low-cost ink, and then they live for a long time.

Tuck them in, opening the front metal spouts. And STA spouts were plastic and soldered, when ordering I did not pay attention to it. I think it will somewhat complicate the filling process in the future, so for me it is a small minus.


Summing up I will say that the liners for the price of simply chic, packaging and shipping as well 5 stars. Cons for me is not so significant, but those who are not behind the liner itself, generally the fault will not be useless.

Seller did not communicate, was not necessary. But the store is very nice, in the future I will order from here again, here is a link to them on Aliexpress.