Set karmacosmic cutters for manicure brand Diamond

A set of cutters for manicure Diamond bought on the stock for 535 RUB here on Aliexpress. Delivery 3 weeks in Krasnodar Krai regular mail, the parcel was stolen. The seller is communicative and promptly answered questions.

Packing standard, ordering wrapped in paperco, all delivered safe and sound.

Look quite presentable. Convenient plastic case, which holds 30 pieces, each separate from each other.

They all have red and blue notches to indicate abrasiveness (blue — rough, red and softer), complete Diamond several forms.

Types of forms:

  • Mill «needle» suitable for work in hard to reach areas, cleans well pterygium and handles side bolsters. Be careful when you work with it, the tip is very sharp!
  • Mill «ball» – for the disclosure of side bolsters and cuticle treatment. You can use it for a pedicure, cleans well rod corn.
  • Mill «rounded cylinder» well evens the nail surface and the polishing side bolsters, removes burrs, and rough skin on the lateral sinuses, also it is possible to adjust the length of the nail plate.
  • Mill «flame» with a red notch, suitable for processing delicate skin, with blue notch coarser – its best to use for resurfacing rough skin.

Spraying with persistent, kept well, will last a long time.

In the work Diamond proved himself a fine, well-cleaned, gently glide over the skin, and balls perfectly remove the cuticle. All cutters are suitable equally for manicure and pedicure. Working with them is a pleasure!

Fit to the standard manicure machines. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

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