Set for nail art COSCELIA: lamp, gel polishes, tools, etc…

This set COSCELIA includes:

  • lamp for drying of shellac in 24 Watt,
  • 10 nail colours of your choice (only from the seller 40 colors available, from which to choose the 10 most suitable),
  • 2 nail files,
  • cleaning brush of the nail plate,
  • box with rhinestones of different colors
  • stickers for French manicure,
  • glue
  • nail art (flowers),
  • nail clippers,
  • cuticle oil,
  • disposable wipes for degreasing in the amount of 10 pieces
  • tool for the correction of the cuticle.

Parcel received within 35 days from the date of the order on Aliexpress on this page here, the processing time took more than a day.

The package came in a box of corrugated cardboard is additionally wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. COSCELIA to the lamp cord goes to a usb charging plug under the socket in the kit was not there. For me it’s not a problem, as this cord is perfect plug any charger to the phone.

As for the quality of varnishes COSCELIA, a month later, after a couple of times the Polish started to thicken and they became impossible to use. Bottles for shellac a not tightly closed and leak and, probably for this reason they quickly begin to deteriorate.

For the rest of the product to the included no complaints, COSCELIA 24W lamp works perfectly, dries quickly, it has a timer for setting a desired time, the tube is compact and handy despite its small size. Lamp color pink. When using heat, odors at work forms. Work nicely!

Seller did not communicate, there was no need, for the price great product, lucky then bought a more expensive, use set and Narada. A link to the seller on Aliexpress gave above, it’s thousands of sales and hundreds of positive reviews, so we can safely recommend!

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Suggest a led lamp for illumination of process of manicure & database Rosalind — home manicure set with cutters.