Set at the child care OOTDTY

Before the birth I decided to buy a set of child care via the Internet. The thing mom needs to help with the first days after birth, so worried that ordering a long walk, and will no longer need. But scrolling through hundreds of ads on Aliexpress, found any brand OOTDTY and still ordered it on this page on Ali.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Composition
  3. Good buy!

Where to buy

Initially I wanted to only buy special children’s scissors, but a set of 10 «mother’s helper» drew more attention. There were 3 color suggestions: blue, pink and pink-yellow.

Was hard to find a set with free shipping, and if it was, the product itself was very expensive. We stopped at this seller, starting only from the last review.

All in all, it was almost the same number of reviews and orders. The price is 8$ + 3,5$ shipping, total: 11,5$. Order was placed in Poland (Warsaw), sent in 4 days, got exactly 30 days, brought straight to the apartment.

At the first contact with the parcel immediately disappointed as it was very thin box just in a plastic bag. The box was dented, which is not very nice, if you buy a set as a gift.

But after unpacking and inspection all parts have calmed down, as everything was in one piece. You also need to figure out where to keep the kit as a box in which laid the piece solely for the appearance of the product and transportation.


  1. Comb. With beads on the edges. Does not scratch the skin;
  2. Hair brush. With soft bristles to comb out peeling the skin of the head;
  3. A pair of scissors. With rounded tips. Sharp. Cut the nails easily;
  4. Nail file. Normal, well sawed;
  5. A pair of tweezers. Poorly treated plastic at the end, there is a sharp convexity — can scratch baby’s skin. With lid;
  6. Cutters. In my opinion, the most useful thing. Easy to use. Quick and painless «bites» the nail of the child.
    Severity did not differ as a nail adult only bent. The edge is hidden in a useless plastic case. If biting turns natural click which can Wake the baby if the procedure is done while you sleep;
  7. Thermometer. Electronic. Has an elastic bending of the tip. Glued to the screen film. After a few minutes of beeping as much as 10 times that is viewed with irritation. If you hold still for a few minutes, the temperature rises a few tenths of a degree. Of course, for the baby where to take instant infrared thermometerto easily measure the temperature of a second when he’s sleeping.
  8. Aspirator. In the shape of a pear. Special power pulling is no different. Has a silicone bendable tip, cover with lid. The pear itself has an unpleasant smell of rubber;
  9. Pipette. 5 ml can be Used, but fast. — if held upright, the liquid will gradually leak;
  10. Napalechniki. Fully silicone. On the one hand a small convex balls, with the other brush. Designed at a time when the baby was teething.
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Good buy!

In General, goods from OOTDTY satisfied. After several months of use, needs to buy for a child extra things to care arose. Stored in original box, but when I need something to use when removing creates a shrill unpleasant sound.

Once again, took on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend to new moms to take electric breast pump and reusable nappies, because disposable Diapers can severely undermine the family budget.