Serum for eyelash growth MeiYanQiong

I decided to order from the seller of the Korean brand MeiYanQiong herbal lash care. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

And deliver with lightning speed! Three weeks. Item shipped immediately the next day, track to track. I’m in a pleasant shock.

The tool came in good condition (box intact, not crumpled). Externally, the serum looks like a transparent tube of beautiful shapes. On it is engraved the name of the company.

Thin brush, as the lip gloss, screwed/unscrewed from the tube. This brush is very convenient to apply the product on lashes. The serum is Packed in the original packaging with hologram.

I use different serums for eyelash growth. Decided to try the products and this company MeiYanQiong, because I like their hair. The serum lasts for a month, if applied at night every day.

The elixir should be applied once a day on the line growth of eyelashes, upper and lower, apply to the roots of the cilia(near century). I prefer to apply the serum at night after wash off the makeup and prepare for bed.

7 applications the length of the cilia increases significantly 2-3 mm, eyelashes become longer and fluffy.

The composition of essences includes nourishing ingredients that give your lashes the effect of lashes, makes lashes more supple and curly. To keep the essence necessary in a cool and dry place ( I keep in the fridge), so they do not get direct sunlight.

Tool shelf life of 3 years. In General, the serum does not cause allergies, it can be seen.

The only «but» when you stop using, after about a month eyelashes grow as to use, although eyebrows to grow thick (if grease serum and them).

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Again, bought on Aliexpress at the official dealer of the manufacturer here. I also recommend the cream MeiYanQiong.