Seasonal upgrade: sale on Aliexpress in September!

From 17th till 21st of September on Aliexpress big sale of branded goods!

Brands: Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Adidas, Nike, Lenovo, Epson, and various brands of clothes, shoes, children’s goods, etc.

You can order with delivery in different countries, but the visitors sales from Russia will be especially surprised by the fast delivery from warehouses in the cities of the Russian Federation and corporate guarantee from the manufacturer!

Note: available purchases on credit or in installments for regular customers Aliexpress.

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  • Credit and installments;
  • Free delivery or collection in one of the points of delivery in Russia the next day;
  • Corporate guarantee from the manufacturers.

The contents

  1. Discounts up to 60%
  2. On phones and tablets
  3. On laptops, gaming consoles and desktop computers
  4. For equipment for home and kitchen
  5. On clothes and shoes
  6. Discounts on baby products
  7. All categories
  8. Go on sale

Discounts up to 60%

On phones and tablets

Such well-known companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo and many others offer their latest models at really low prices. Now original IPhone or smartphone from a reputable manufacturer, you can buy directly on Aliexpress to get a guarantee in authorized centers by place of residence.

On laptops, gaming consoles and desktop computers

Gaming laptops high power with a good graphics card, office PCs and home appliances, monitors, mouse and keyboard — all this in the autumn sale Aliexpress. Apple will also be pleasantly surprised by the range of products from the most successful IT company:

For equipment for home and kitchen

Tefal, Bosch and Braun also could not pass up the sale. Well, meet the brand of the coffee machine, cookers, microwave ovens and many other on the official website of Aliexpress:

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On clothes and shoes

Fashionistas, are you ready for fall and winter? It’s always better to prepare for the change of weather conditions on sales:

Discounts on baby products

Pampers, strollers, car seats and diapers is only a part of the proposed goods discounts:

All categories

The sale was also affected by the brand-name quality products in the following categories:

  • Recreation, fishing and hunting, travel;
  • Motorists;
  • Security systems and video surveillance;
  • Games, Hobbies;
  • Tools.

Go on sale

Go to the sale please click below. Discounts will be applied to the prices automatically. It is recommended to shop from a regular computer and not through the app in your mobile:

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