Screwdriver Philips 00

During my work I tried a bunch of screwdrivers. Many were broken, some were eerily uncomfortable. And once again, when my ordinary tool could not stand the load, I set out finding a replacement.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and quality
  3. Cons

Where to buy

You just can’t imagine how many fakes are sold on every corner. From obscure novamov to counterfeiting of branded manufacturers. It is natural to use tools of low quality is more expensive. And once when I complained about the situation to his friend, he showed me the screwdriver Philips 00. I was looking for it on AliExpress on request Philips PH000 Philips or nanch.

At the time of order screwdriver cost almost $ 14. Now, apparently, a bit more expensive. Got the parcel in 3 weeks by regular mail. The packaging was simple, thick bubble envelope.

Appearance and quality

On the screwdriver, there are no identification signs. On the first sensation is felt as the tool is heavy and pleasant to the touch. On the body there is a special narechenie that your fingers do not slip during operation. On top of the rotating focus, which allows more convenient to hold the instrument.

I used a screwdriver to slightly more than five months. During this time she gave hundreds of cogs. By the way, the tool designed exclusively for mobile phones, it is possible to Unscrew only the small cogs.

I twisted everything, until the maximum size which is allowed to hold a screwdriver. And predictable then it just cracked and crumbled the working part of the tool. In my opinion, if you use the tool strictly for the purpose, that he will live much longer. My friend the screwdriver still successfully turns the cogs.

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It is fair to say that there are a few drawbacks of the tool. Most branded screwdriver between the stop and the case is a special ball, which allows the fence to hang out. Here it is not, but in principle it does not affect usability.

And, even more important caveat, is that the working part is not very long and if you have to disassemble the devices, where the screws are hidden deep in the body, it is better to find another option.

Again, I bought the original Phillips head screwdriver Phillips here on this page on Aliexpress. I recommend the cheap but good oscilloscope DSO138 with its own built in generator and soldering station 8586 Eruntop.