Screwdriver DEKO ORG12DU3-S2 12V flashlight

It was last summer, in July. Saw husband on Aliexpress sale, where were exposed for sale screwdriver DEKO ORG12DU3-S2 on 12 volts. Asked to order. It cost 2063 ruble. Took here Ali.

Looks good, only positive reviews. Decided to take, especially because our old one fell apart, and turn the screwdriver already forgotten how. Delivery was to be by courier DPD, but to us it never arrived. That the parcel arrived and are going to bring wrote, but didn’t deliver. In the end took herself on the terminal.

Screwdriver DEKO came in the kit with extra battery and charger in a paper box, but without a drill (need to buy separately).

About the product itself of course you can say only positive. Works quite quickly and confidently. Has two modes of switching speed. Itself is small but in the hand to hold comfortably. Not heavy.

This will suit mini drill Deco (so it can still be used) for private, home use. Not for construction. Above the start button there is a flashlight which is very handy if you drill a dark corner. The flashlight cannot be turned off, if suddenly it is not necessary became.

Battery Deco lasts a long time. If the whole day to work with him, the battery need only one time charge. And if occasionally apply a charge once a month. A little inconvenient that there is no briefcase, but it happens and it only goes a little more expensive.

With housework screwdrivers DEKO copes easily. High chair repair, furniture assemble to cope at times. If the object of screwing highly dense, spinning happens with the work, and may not cope at all.

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Live in a private home, so I use often. For almost a year of use Left as new. The design is beautiful, the color is bright orange.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Even for shopping I can recommend mini incubator for 7 eggs and a large wall-mounted modular pattern, which can be hung using the same screwdriver))