Scratcher-cat comb — the slicker brush

This time I want to share the description and link my best buy on Ali! In our house for 7 years he lives the cat «noble» breed.

The problem of hair on clothing, furniture, bed, carpets and the floor was as soon as we got the kitten, but strong discomfort, my husband did not deliver. About once a month, we were combing the cat toys from the nearest pet store and did General cleaning. Day two the house was clean, then the wool was returned in the same quantity.

That all changed when we decided to have a baby. I was very afraid of allergies in the unborn baby, mopping the floors every day and was very nervous when I saw balls of wool at the corners. The cat – family. Thoughts to give the favorite in my pregnant mind there, but the desire to make her depilation appear regularly.

The solution was found on some professional groomers forum. Master hairstyles Pets has unanimously recommended a slicker brush to get rid of excess hair.

Zaguglit, I learned that Furminator is a special kind of trimmer, designed in the USA specifically for painless removal of dead undercoat pet cats and dogs.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. How to use
  3. Results

Where to buy

The price for this hairbrush at that time was not less than 2000 RUB Real reviews among my friends was not. In pet stores were analogues at a price of 1500 RUB. I decided to look for a budget analogue on Aliexpress. And if the principle would like it, then order a real one.

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Professional scratcher with good reviews and a reference to a copy of the slicker brush was found under «Themed items about reptiles and amphibians». Keep from direct link. Together with a delivery fee scratcher last summer cost me 8.42 $, i.e. almost 2 times cheaper than similar copies in animals. Delivery was very fast – just 13 days in the Rostov region.

The seller offers three sizes of Chesalon. Groomer recommended the small size of the width of the ridge to 6 inches for Pets weighing up to 5 lbs. My cat weighs 5 kg, I ordered the average size of 7.5 cm and guessed. Scratcher looks soundly, efficiently and comfortably in the hand.

How to use

The process of carding is quite simple and does not take much time. The coat is raked noticeably faster than cheap «poteryami». Cat very like it. She cuddles and tummy inserts. Obviously, she wasn’t hurt.

In the first chesko I was amazed by the number of combed wool. The volume turned out the second cat! Now we regularly, every 1-2 weeks carry out the procedure chesky, and wool is much less. But still a decent amount (see photo).


In the intervals between treatments with the animal spilling a lot less hair. Our furniture and floors were noticeably cleaner. I’m even allowed to pet the cat. our six-month-old daughter.

By the way, buy the real Furminators I changed my mind. A copy of Ali copes with the task. I recommend to all who have wool Pets and who bother ecdysis.

Once again, I bought a scratcher for the cat on Aliexpress here. I recommend the toy for cats Cats Meow and cat’s house in the form of a pineapple.

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