Scratch map of the world «Black map» with the scratch-off layer

So, I would like to leave a comment about «Scratch map of the world» that I ordered from Aliexpress.

She caught my eye quite by accident and since I’m only a beginner, but still a traveler (yet only within the country), I decided to order it.

The price was a pleasant version of «Black» is just 8.20 dollar, in comparison with the shops we have in the country where the price tag on exactly the same map up to 40-60 dollars, it’s super easy. The order was carried out as usual here on this page Aliexpress, the seller quickly issued and sent a card. Came about two and a half weeks.

As usual email is not pleased with the sheath that came with the card was dented, but the product itself is safe and not harmful. Opening the parcel I was surprised, in reality, the scratch map looks even better than on photo, very beautiful.

I think she will be able to decorate the interior of any apartment, even in my red room it blended nicely with the design called «Black map». Only, perhaps, minus the seller did not put in an order double sided tape or mounting. Had to cut and glue, but it’s nothing 10 minutes and you’re done.

Immediately wiped their country, and also Moscow region and Montenegro, where we went, everything turns out beautiful and colorful, each country has its own color, below the map is a lot of national flags, which I have not seen on other such scratch cards.

Erased layers easily an ordinary coin for a couple of seconds, but you need take care not to erase the borders of other States.

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Tip: push a coin is not necessary, as it will remain on the Board substrate strip and will not be pretty.

What’s more surprising, on the scratch poster, world noted even the smallest Islands and even the place where sank «Titanic», and even different animals in their habitat.

The material from which made the goods very dense, break will be difficult, I write for those who have children. I recommend to order and want all the more to travel and to erase all of the country. Once again, I bought here on Aliexpress. I can also recommend the stylish modular 3D wall clock and lamp on the wall on the LEDs GoodLand, designed specifically for this card.