Scarf Harry Potter for cosplay with badge Gryffindor

In November 2018 I ordered a scarf «Harry Potter» (Gryffindor) on Aliexpress here size: 190*25 cm , for the price of 6$.

Free shipping, estimated delivery time is 30 days. The item came after 1.5 months in perfect condition.


Packaged in a conventional transparent bag. An unpleasant smell was found.

To touch the scarf is soft and pleasant, the size and type consistent with the description of the product . Striped maroon and yellow scarf with the special icon of the faculty of Gryffindor.

Stretched well, the fabric is quite stretchy. But for winter, this scarf is clearly not fit, does not warm you in the cold the cold, because the material is quite thin.

The seam on the end of the scarf Harry Potter made a little messy, gets a few small threads.


The icon of Gryffindor back small also come out dry. The color of the scarf is pleasant to the eye , match expectations.

On the sides of the scarf come out of the small loop is, of course, a minus.

Basically, all seams are made accurately. When washing do not roll up and does not shrink, the color remains the same. Enough dries quickly. Easily restore its shape, almost not wrinkled.

Takes up little space when it’s folded four times.

No Allergy on the skin after this scarf does not appear, it also does not RUB the skin and tight with a soft cloth. Does not leave stains and traces in contact with other clothing or cloth. In addition, the pellets do not enter , and the scarf does not fade.

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A great gift for children and fans of the «Harry Potter». Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Can also recommend the custom tailoring of clothing for cosplay directly in China for Ali.