SANWOOD men’s wristwatch with automobile

Men’s wrist watch with automobile brands Sanwood ordered to the well-known trading platform Aliexpress. Shipping service China Post Registered Air Mail was free and the order came surprisingly quickly, a little more than three weeks.

The price of this accessory at the time of ordering was nine hundred and forty rubles, but I purchased a discount coupon to two dollars. Here is a direct link to them on Ali, you can see the price today.

The watch Sanwood seemingly quite stylish, modern, model, the so-called «skeleton» (the mechanism is visible from both sides of the body).

Start by turning the key clockwise, the manufacturer says that the main thing is not to overdo it with the plant, not more than thirteen times, otherwise the mechanism may fail.

Honestly, starting is not enough for a long time, checked specially, in the static position of the watch go no more than four or five hours here and helps the automobile when worn on the hand, they start from vibrational motions.

Body rather large, round shape, diameter forty one mm, made of an unknown alloy, (it is not specified anywhere), most likely stainless steel, but the weight is quite heavy.

In the past the button factory on the watch casing there are two more trim buttons, they are not any functions are not performed, simply for beauty.

Display analog, but unfortunately, not very informative, arrows and tick marks in the dark a little are highlighted, which is very convenient. Back cover is also glass, you can see the movement gears and pendulum that gives the watch a more expensive, presentable.

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The bracelet is made of stainless steel, of a width of two centimeters and length, the description, twenty four centimeter I personally were big, resolved the issue by removing one link, the benefit is it’s easy.

The clasp is equipped with an additional lock, which does not allow to undo the bracelet if accidentally hook something. Packed mens watch from Sanwood automobile was qualitatively, in a black box with a special, soft pad inside.

Overall, the watch is quite thick the man’s hand look massive, brutal, show quite accurately, not in a hurry and do not lag behind, in any case, in the morning need to have time.

It should be noted that for such money with factory long action hand watch find impossible. Better to look at the battery here are or increase your capabilities at a cost several times.

Again, took them on Aliexpress here.