Rotary tattoo machine TATOOINE with Aliexpress

My husband is an artist, he decided to try himself in tattoos. I ordered him a gift on AliExpress tattoo machine brand TATOOINE for beginners here on this page. It was worth at the time of purchase (November 2018) 916 rubles.

Shipping was free, and that is very surprised, the courier brought her directly into the house, after calling and agreed on a time. In Saint Petersburg the parcel arrived 6 days after order. It was Packed very neatly in a simple cardboard box, which is never wrinkled and not torn. The kit includes:

  • Own tattoo machine TATOOINE.
  • The power supply unit.
  • Pedal.
  • A set of keys.
  • 10 plastic spouts for the circuit.
  • Five needles for loop (LR 02).
  • 4 bottle colours for 0.5 ml. (black, white, red and blue).
  • Caps for paint — 10 pieces.
  • A set of gopnikov.

Own tattoo machine consists of a metal frame and two magnetic coils. All solidly soldered, backlash is not observed. Setup and calibration are not whimsical. After Assembly, you can immediately start to work.

Paint set on a natural basis. Does not fade or pale. Allergic reactions while no one called. The color on the skin very bright.

Of the minuses tattoo device TATOOINE I want to note the absence in the kit gloves and special faux leather material, on which to train the novice master. And also, the absence of at least some of the instructions for use. Had to go to the Internet and to understand yourself.

Of course, this tattoo machine will not be possible to make any professional tattoo large volumes, but for a person who wants to start over and try himself in the case, it fit perfectly.

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Husband was very pleased. At due skill it is possible to do very decent work. I ordered the product on Aliexpress here.