Rosalind base — home manicure set with cutters

Hello, girls. I want to tell you about the device for manicure company Rosalind from the site Aliexpress.

Professional machines I had not considered because of inexperience, so ordered here on this page in Ali simpler and more compact. He walked a little less than a month in St. Petersburg, the parcel was stolen, it was worth at the time was 6$. The package came in the mail.

Box came intact, everything inside is neatly folded, Packed in some bubble wrap. On the road it ain’t broke and doesn’t get hit, every detail in its place. Looks very neat and pretty.

Manicure set Rosalind came in white (as ordered). Includes 6 cutters in case the wire that connects to the machine and the pen machine. Also included is a manual, but unfortunately, not in Russian.

For hardware manicure at home perfect. Especially for beginners manicure and pedicure or those who are just learning to do a manicure yourself.

The machine is not loud, but quite powerful.

Size: 16 cm x 2.4 cm (diameter of handpiece).

Voltage: 110 V ~ 240 V.

Not too hot, a little vibrating pen. Wire of the power supply is only 85 centimeters, a bit short for me. it is necessary to connect the extension.

There is no reverse, spinning the cutter in one direction only. Comfortable to hold in hand, all parts are solid, everything works well. The apparatus removes cuticle without burrs, grinds the nail and very quickly removes the old Polish gel nail Polish.

I think their money model of the dryer for nail Rosalind is. Already 4 times did my nails with this machine, and not only to himself, satisfied. Not sorry that I bought exceeded my expectations. Bought here on Aliexpress.

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