Rompers UmkaUmka brand MingKids

I decided to spring to buy a suit, so that the child could in wet weather to play quietly in the sand, getting dirty, falling in the mud and I have not «had a headache» that after the walk all have to throw in the wash.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Overview
  3. Appearance and materials
  4. Quality and convenience
  5. In the winter, spring or autumn?
  6. Wash and care

Where to buy

And here I am at Aliexpress accidentally found jumpsuit UmkaUmka in the official store MingKids.

The price was good, the reviews all praised, and I wanted this. Now its cost is about 2 000. Worried that no time to reproach you, but sending to Kaliningrad came in three weeks (shipping from Russia), ordered here.

This jumpsuit jacket, windproof and water-repellent.


Appearance and materials

Bright, colorful, just a fairy tale. But my understanding of it is a little not match with reality. It seemed to me that the lining is sewn and turned out to be the kind of fabric, with one side of the membrane, on the other — fur.

And it’s thin, somehow imagined that the thickness of the tracksuit, which I took on Ali.

And thought, dirty child, water poured cloth rubbed and clean. In fact it turned out that the dirt doesn’t come off easily. Such fabric in the machine bad moves and dries long.

Quality and convenience

The big drawback has become for me a gate connected to the hood, it completely protects your child’s neck from the wind. Did not foresee that unfortunately the manufacturer, and leathers claimed as windproof.

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A Onesie for the baby sits perfectly thanks to the elastic band that pribivaet the back of the waist. Even if the leathers biggy, still looks decent.

To amplify on «priest» and «knees» stitched to other fabric, more durable. A reflective logo and striped on the back and piping on the hood.

Stropki — normal bands, leg openings and sleeves elastic is a little tight, I think chubby toddler would draw. Under windproof zipper placket, passing in defence (goes around the edge of the zipper).

The hood is deep, if the hat without POM-POM, had to tuck to stay out of the eye. Fabric is water repellent, not waterproof. But in heavy rain wearing does get wet.

In the mud, after the rain to walk the most.

I think it is perfect shoes M. Michie (when warm) or boots with fur OrangeMom (in winter).

In the winter, spring or autumn?

We often with the child ride in a car, and it was time to sweat. It is breathable, reads the label, but not enough. Then I do not properly wear your baby, whether it is in changes in temperature, but in the car it is no longer put on, and in the yard, let them sports.

I do not know what is the minimum degree it is, but after reading the reviews from the seller, I would not dare to bring the child for a walk at 0.

Learn at what temperature it is (the seller is communicative and quickly responded to the message), the answer — at least to 5 degrees. Advised to read about such material as softchell.

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Wash and care

Products made of this fabric should be washed with liquid powder at a temperature not above 30 degrees, do not use conditioners to soften.

Do not dry on radiator and other heating devices, the fact that all things of the membrane material cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Much is not advisable to RUB your hands and twist in the washing machine wash on delicate mode, after removing inside out and buttoned the zipper.

Measurements 98 size: back length from neck — 53 cm, sleeve length with cuff from neck — 40, the length of the legs in the inner part 30, the elastic on the sleeves is 7 cm at the leg — 10.5 cm.

Again, bought on Aliexpress at the official store of the brand MingKids on this page.