Roller sports

A gym regularly for three years. Attend classes: stretch, Pilates, Hatha yoga. A few months ago appeared in the schedule activity under the title MFR.

It turned out that it Myofascial release. Went on trial lesson and began to regularly attend training. MFR is used to relieve muscle tension, increases flexibility and mobility of joints, and also provides massage deep points.

One drawback – held once a week. To me this was not enough, I decided to do at home. For training need a roller. They rolled all muscle groups.

In sports stores the cost of the massage roller from 1200 R. On Aliexpress prices range from 670 to 1,100 rubles from different sellers.

I chose the seller on the positive reviews and ordered for 826 RUB discount Price was 765. Free shipping.

The order came in 19 days after payment. The roller was Packed in three layers of bubble wrap and arrived without defects. My roller is orange in color, but the seller also has other colors.

The thing is a cylinder with a length of thirty centimeters. The inner diameter is 7 inches, and outer – 9.5 cm. Made of environmentally friendly Eva material. He immediately and supple and soft. The quality of the goods checked my indoor cat. Traces of teeth and claws there, although he tried very hard.

Use a massage roller almost every day. When you experience back problems or pain in the neck, have to do the exercises several times a day. Very happy with purchase.

Can still advise smart scales, Xiaomi Mi and an inflatable massage pillow for feet.

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