Roller cutter for paper

Since the creativity involved, I looked for a suitable cutter that would quickly and efficiently deal with cutting paper.

Opted for roller model Soonye:

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality, format, and cutting the A4
  3. Opinion

Where to buy

Seller found reliable: Schoffice Market Store (almost 100% of the reviews positive, 3 years on the market). Color, unfortunately, had no choice, as the cutter presented in a single brown. Bought here on this page in Aliexpress.

In Moscow the item came pretty quickly — about 3 weeks after ordering. Shipping was free, service AliExpress Standard Shipping. Packaging no complaints: outside — thick tubular film (stronger bubble) inside plastic packaging in the form of a cutter.

Quality, format, and cutting the A4

Cutter, except the blade is made of plastic. Will not say too thin, but not that thick to work with them casually. If you do not differ care, pick something «is concrete».

Transparent ruler, which drives the blade, I think, requires very careful handling because of its material — flexible plastic.

The format of such a cutter is enough to cut paper standard A4 size, both in length and width. For small jobs this is enough. Did a great job cutting a single sheet of ordinary office paper.

I tried cutting once 2-3 of the sheet — as it turns out (new blade). With thicker paper for scrapbooking also managed to «excellent».

On your primary work field, on both sides, there is a special ruler (cm, mm). On a transparent ruler, too. As shown, it is very easy to work with paper: cutting out smooth, without distortions.

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There are also markings for the location of the paper at an angle (from 90 to 15 degrees, 11 lines), which is also very valuable for me as a person associated with creative work. By the way, all markup is smooth and accurate, no claim arose. Checked with the help of his trusty ruler and protractor.

For taking care of the safety during use of the cutter can make the manufacturer of special thanks. The blade is so well protected that you need to try very hard to cut. More precisely, for this you need to disassemble the cutter.

What time works calculated one blade, hard to say. You need to «torture» the cutter, to understand this. But I know that on Aliexpress you can buy replacement blades for this model. And on the blade, and the cutter now discount. She plans to order such blade — cutter while pleasing.


Overall I very happy with the purchase. Just need to carefully handle the cutter and I think it needs to last for a very long time. So feel free to recommend a product to purchase. Especially those whose life is connected with paper work.

Believe me, with such assistants a hobby becomes even more enjoyable: time is saved, and the work becomes much better and neater. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.