Rod from Aliexpress firms Agepoch — review

Repeatedly ordered on Aliexpress clothes for the whole family and never other goods. My personal experiment – rod. It is a practical gift my husband for the New year.

In August 2018, issued an order here, a month later, the parcel was already at the post office in the Stavropol region.

Speed of delivery great. Track to track, this was not a problem. Seller did not communicate, did not need to. At the time of the order the rod was reduced (11.69 in.e.). For me it is a very affordable product. The regular price of 58.45.e. (shock, not price). Chose the long, 3.6 m, It goes without coil. We don’t need it as there are a separate set (with coil rod is more expensive).

At the post office took the black tube (weight of 350 grams). The seller is perfectly protected product plastic vacuum packaging. The rod had no damage, scratches. The description promised that it will be possible to catch carp.

I’m not a fisherman, but even I understood that with the Chinese fishing rod big fish not to pull out. Probably not a large perch. But here I was pleasantly surprised!

The claimed material carbon, it may not be of extremely low quality. Either it’s made completely of a different material. No two rings are attached (not glued, you can glue on your own).

Ring made of thick metal and secured with a plastic cap. The handle is comfortable, plastic, easy spins. Design private, no vivid images, specifically for men.

They have other designs, you can see them, but at the same time and price on request «Agepoch» in search of Ali or other stores. By the way, if you like fishing, then you probably need and this headlamp Boruit, shines brightly and often helps.

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In the meantime, catch a fish the bait, you can catch more of her by putting the trap-umbrella or the hexagonal network.

And most importantly: fishing will do another, if you connect the sonar Fish Finder. It on the colour screen will display beneath the wireless sensor and the movement of fish underneath!

I note that in the 58 dollars I would not have purchased this product. Quite justifiable price – the discounted price. In our stores, a similar rod is 2.5 times more expensive.

I hope that my gift will last at least 2-3 seasons. Watch more on the reaction of the spouse who will find the rod under the Christmas tree. Again, bought here at this link.

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