Robot vacuum ILIVE V55

Robot vacuum ILIVE V55 bought on Aliexpress, the seller TMALL, here is a link to the product for 9118 RUB, maybe now the price has changed. Shipping to Yekaterinburg in 4 for. The courier brought the parcel home.

The contents

  1. Description and contents
  2. Functionality
  3. Good cleans
  4. Summary
  5. Video

Description and contents

The case of Golden color looks very stylish. White front bumper-bumper from the walls, on top of the cover — electronic display showing the selected mode of operation, the two brushes to collect dust and dirt, inside is installed a container for dry or wet cleaning.

Included with the vacuum is the charging station, remote control, electrowall (a device to create virtual walls), a nozzle for wet cleaning, a container for wet cleaning, two rags for wet cleaning, additional two brushes for dry cleaning and two removable filter.


  • Dry cleaning in several modes: automatic, along the walls, spot. Modes can be changed using the remote control or on the display cleaner.
  • The function of wet cleaning when the cleaner is put on the nozzle with a cloth and inserted inside a container with water. The cleaner in this case sucks in dust, just wipe with a cloth floors.
  • It is possible to program the robot cleaner, and it will start to work at a certain time, even when You are not home.
  • When the battery runs down at zero, the vacuum cleaner yourself looking for the basics and goes on charging.

Good cleans

My conclusions from the use of this gadget ILIVE V55:

The cleaner randomly runs throughout the apartment, really gathers a full container of garbage, with no problems, it creeps into hard to reach places – under the bed, wardrobe, and also overcomes small obstacles, and calls on the carpet.

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But if a lot of crumbs, for example under the table, the robot can not cope and just part of the trash dragged around the apartment. It is necessary to remove all wires, clothes, shoelaces from the floor, otherwise the brush cleaner they get confused.

The appliance only makes sense after was dry cleaning. Small spots on the floor he scrubbed, but of course, with the cleaning manually is not comparable.


Thus, as a daily assistant for cleaning the apartment the robot vacuum cleaner ILIVE V55 is a good option. I love that you can cook or go about their business, and at this time in the apartment runs it collects dust. Of course, General cleaning with a regular cleaner and a rag in hand it will not replace.

Again, took on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend for home automatic soap dispenser and smart trash Xiaomi. Yes, it happens))