Robot vacuum iLIFE V7s Plus

Ordered robot vacuum ILIFE V7s Plus on Aliexpress, and now decided to tell about their experience buying and do a little review.

Free shipping was about 20 days, the track is tracked in the mail of Russia, after arrival at destination, notice comes, then received in the mail.

Packaged in 2 boxes: outer cardboard for safe transportation and inner — packaging with a handle. The cost of the cleaner at the time of purchase 12 434 rubles, ordered here on Ali.

The contents

  • Equipment
  • Operation
  • The pros and cons
  • Opinion
  • Equipment

    • Robot vacuum cleaner;
    • instruction manual and warranty card;
    • remote control;
    • the dust container (for dry cleaning);
    • power supply;
    • cleaning brush;
    • side brush;
    • docking charging station;
    • water tank and 2 cloth mops (wet cleaning);
    • replacement filters;
    • brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner.


    This vacuum cleaner is the perfect home assistant that allows you to save time on cleaning of floors.

    The robot cleaner cleans in two modes:

  • A dry cleaning service.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Starting work in a mode of dry cleaning, a vacuum cleaner collects dust and debris into the container with the side and Central brush. Changing the dust container, water tank, vacuum cleaner, washing floors, eliminating stains with a damp cloth technology i-dropping. Thus, we get one cleaner with two complete functions of cleaning.


    With built-in sensors, the vacuum bypasses the obstacles across the floor area. Working time on full charge is around 3 hours when the battery is running low, the vacuum automatically returns to the charging base. It is possible to manually change the direction of the cleaner, with remote control, with it you can set several modes:

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    • following along the walls;
    • intensive cleaning of a certain area;
    • programming at a certain time daily cleaning.

    The pros and cons


  • Quality and fast cleaning, without your participation.
  • The combination of the 2 types of cleaning in one vacuum cleaner.
  • The virtually silent operation.
  • Good equipment.
  • The ease of operation.
  • Compact and lightweight (size: :300*300*75 mm, weight: 2,95).
  • Its stylish design, nice color.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Quickly clog, permanently you need to clean the container and brush.
  • Before cleaning the floor surface you need to clean it, the cleaner sucks in the wire, shoelaces, toys, twirling it around the brush and then shut off.
  • When wet cleaning, the water in the container is enough for a small area.
  • Passes over the same place several times.
  • Over time, it is necessary to change parts to order replacement parts here.
  • Opinion

    By purchasing one time in a robot vacuum iLife V7s Plus, you will forget about the dust in the house forever.

    I have a vacuum ILIFE V7s Plus very much, he freed a lot of time so I can pay more attention to your baby.

    I recommend to everyone! Finally, women are created not only for work around the house!