Robot vacuum ILIFE V50 for dry cleaning

With the advent of a second child such a home assistant robot vacuum has become a necessary. In the shops prices were steep (to pay 12,000 for a vacuum cleaner is very heavy for a young family).

Stopped at the low-end models with Ali ILIFE V50 robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Ordered through TMALL Aliexpress on this page here, delivery in 4 days at home. At that time, the purchase cost for 5,600 rubles (this discount, and allegedly in normal times, it costs 11000).

Use the robot for six months and I can summarize that my expectations it fell short.

Before buying a used normal vacuum cleaner with a container to collect dust. After the Assembly all the dust in the air from the robot this is not (rather, it is that dust collects).

With large debris the robot iLife is a big problem: either not collect at all and rolls for themselves or brush their swings in the corner (stones or buckwheat).

Therefore, in spite of a full container of dust in the corners much remains (the photo shows that the brush to hard to reach places don’t get).

To clean the vacuum cleaner V50 quick and easy. Included is a spare HEPA filters and brushes, and a rag for wet cleaning (in fact the useless thing, dries in 2 minutes).

The charging station we don’t use (children then for parts disassemble). One battery charge is enough for a Studio apartment.

In General, eilif their money’s well worth. Despite the fact that it shows after wet cleaning with dust copes, and therefore quite just a MOP to wipe and all clean.

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Still I can recommend a good ultrasonic humidifier with screen Alanchi the health of the entire family!