Robot vacuum iLIFE Pro V5s

Until recently, cleaned the house using a conventional bulky vacuum cleaner with very comfortable handle and a heavy body. I wanted to buy a more convenient option.

Saw in a local shop robot vacuum cleaners iLIFE, but since the price was not very expensive, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative to one of the Chinese online stores. Pre-read a lot of reviews

In the end, I realized that I need robot vacuum ILIFE 5S Pro for wet and dry cleaning.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Remote control
  4. The appearance and quality of cleaning
  5. The pros and Cons
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video

Where to buy

At first, it was scary to order such equipment through the online store, but judging by the positive feedback, all vacuums come without delay, within the prescribed period.

Bought item on Aliexpress for 8 560 rubles 72 kopecks (including the seller) here on this page.

The robot vacuum cleaner has received from the hands of the courier on the third day after ordering. Double box of thick cardboard to protect the goods from damage during transportation.


Equipment includes a vacuum cleaner, a few spare brushes (left and right), interchangeable filters, a spare microfiber cloth, a brush to clean the filter.

Also attached to the robot power supply cord with adapter, charging base and remote control. It will stop more.

Remote control

A little remote for V5s Pro is made of white plastic. Control buttons rubber black and blue. The display is monochrome. The remote operates on two AAA batteries.

Cover, under which are the batteries made of thinner plastic, a little squeak when gently pressed in the hand. The remote control is convenient to run the program harvest, is a function of garbage collection in a circle, cleaning up along the perimeter. The Home button sends the cleaner on the docking station for recharging.

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Often use the remote to set the time to automatically start the vacuum cleaner. Leave for work in 15 minutes, the vacuum cleaner begins to work independently. To come back to a clean house. When I ordered the cleaner, didn’t know that I would so often use it.

The appearance and quality of cleaning

The vacuum cleaner’s body is very beautiful Golden color with a white trim.

Every detail of the robot is practical and fulfills its function: the lid is opened to access the container, brushes, revolving, collect the dust and debris, the wheels make the vacuum cleaner easy to move in space. In this model V5s iLIFE Pro there is nothing superfluous.

Calmly open-close plastic housing cover her several times a day. Don’t even need to worry that it will break.

For wet cleaning designed container-tank, where water is poured directly (through special holes moisture the cloth).

As for the quality of cleaning, I often run it dry cleaned, because when you run wet still need to be at home and to periodically rinse the cloth manually. Floors after wet cleaning shines like new. Robot equally well cleans any hard surface: tile, linoleum, laminate flooring.

The pros and Cons

Minor flaws too. Before you run the cleaner off the floor is better to remove all the wires, small rugs, to raise the long curtains, the chairs, since it can get lost in all these items, then automatically disconnect. You will have to extract all that the robot is «jammed» manually, then turn on again.

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This vacuum is a boon for Housewives who love cleanliness! While I rest or do other household chores, it saves me from all the dirty work, making it for me.

The main advantage of this model V5s Pro is a great ability to collect pet hair (I have two cats and a dog). Even after I sameday large dirt by hand, and after run the vacuum in the container is a large amount of compacted dust, hair and hair that are not visible to the eye when sweeping with a broom. The contents of the container easily shaken out in the trash.

The merits of this model V5s Pro a lot. The robot is compact, simple to operate, inexpensive, considering that cleans and collects garbage (i.e. two in one). For housing, containers, brushes easy to care for: all is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or rinsed under the tap.

If the base is plugged in, then after a long cleaning the vacuum cleaner determines the location of the station and goes to trickle charge. Usually a full charge is enough for a full cleaning cycle (1 hour 20 minutes 1 hour 40 minutes of continuous operation).

Often use the function of the circular cleaning, especially when on the floor accidentally oversleep rump. Collects her perfectly.

Robot vacuum cleaner is now my best helper around the house, because it saves me time and effort.


My verdict is that the ILIFE brand cares about the consumer, ensuring the longevity of your product! I am glad that consumables can be purchased separately in case of loss or deterioration!

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If you have a family budget free is the amount in the range of 10 000 rubles, spend them on the robot vacuum cleaner and forget about the grueling sweeping and washing the floor by hand.

Advise and recommend to buy. Item brand V5s iLIFE Pro is reliable and of high quality! They can manage even a child! Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I recommend a MOP with a sprayer Congis and food processor BOSH MUM.