Robot vacuum Cleaner iROBOT Roomba 500 iRobot Rumba

Vacuum cleaner IROBOT Roomba 500 use more than two years, Is one of the first models of robots, IRobot, the most simple, but that’s the advantage.

The contents

  • The quality of the cleaning
  • Side brushes
  • Video
  • The quality of the cleaning

    The vacuum cleaner is a convenient, reliable and easy to use. Easily emptied container. Inside the brush and rubber roller. They are wound with hair and bone, it is necessary to periodically clean, and it is also very easy to do. Charging enough for a thorough cleaning of the room is 20 sq m. I bought it on Aliexpress here.

    Disadvantage — if the robot cleaner is stuck and tries to escape, the battery runs down quickly. Cleans very thoroughly. Even when the floor seems clean, empty vacuum container and a little bit, but filled.

    Side brushes

    Recently broke the side brush. Ordered on Aliexpress on this page. Exactly like a native — with three antennae — no, there are six, but the price 46 rubles, decided to try it.

    Thought I would be able to remove three extra Cirrus, if the vacuum cleaner will be hard to scroll around. Do not have brush went perfectly. Ordered another to replace.

    The product was very long, the parcel bastrakova. But I’m happy. Disadvantage-the seller has filled up with spam. Had several times to write to behind.


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