Ring light for makeup and photography

All of us, dear girls, I want to get the photographs irresistible.

We all use some flashes, filters, and can be played with sharpness and clarity in photoshop, but I’m doing all these manipulations, I realized that this something is definitely wrong.

And I saved the budget of all lamps for photography, and makeup artists on Aliexpress with shipping from Russia by courier. It is great for the price!

However, first I did not really understand how going to this design, but with some effort I made it, fortunately. Now my pictures have become vivid and juicy, even in the dark evening light.

Of course, the price may not seem very budget, but I assure you, such a ratio of quality and price — you’re unlikely to find.

This annular lamp, after assembling, we have developed from the same «friendly» relationship, or rather an experiment, since I began to photograph themselves from all angles at once, changing the position of the lamp.

All the pictures turned out beautiful, even with some subtle and mysterious atmosphere. Its use and makeup artists.

Earlier I had a lamp, but not purchased from aliexpress. Of course, it also pleased me fantastic pictures but, unfortunately, broke down after three months, and cost almost two times more expensive than on this website.

I think that this lamp will last me much longer. By the way, while writing this review, took a photo in a completely dark and ugly room, so the quality of the bulb you are clearly unable to evaluate themselves.

Highly recommend to all fans of photography: the lamp is suitable for both Amateurs like me and professionals. Bought it for Ali on this page here.

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