Rework station, YOUYUE 8586

Bought a soldering station brand YOUYUE 8586 on Aliexpress in China. Shipping only from warehouses in Russia there is not so much a popular item. So be prepared to wait a month. Ordered here, the price is about$ 50. Included in addition to the station was a pair of pliers, different soldering iron tips, solder a length of 1 meter, manual, diagram, stand, two tweezers and 6 nozzles on the dryer.

The contents

  1. Main parts
  2. Opinion
  3. Video

Main parts

  • Soldering iron;
  • Hairdryer;
  • Metal stand with two compartments;
  • Control unit it all.


A soldering iron is lightweight and comfortable, its like a rubberized handle merges with the hand, while not missing the heat. Its capacity is 40 Watts, type of soldering tip is 900M and it is easy to change, ceramic heating element is also replaceable, which is important in case of breakage. From the seller you can pre-book all extra consumables and parts. I.e. soldering station is fully maintainable.

Great stand with two compartments for different needs. One can store rosin and solder, and in another compartment lay them in small quantities, for daily use or use as shown in the video below — is also efficiently and conveniently.

Hairdryer turbine type with a capacity of 450 Watts. It is also fully repairable, although specifically me it’s still not useful. The length of its wires — 1 meter, at the same time, the length of the soldering iron bit is less than — 0.75 meters. Why so for me it is not clear, it would be better done both on the meter.

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And Hairdryer and a soldering iron have a feedback control module to maintain precisely a predetermined temperature by a smooth change of power. This is done automatically.

On the control unit you can set the right variable resistor or the people «the Twister» operating temperature. Holding her, I must say, very precisely, what has been repeatedly verified by a digital thermometer. Left we are putting the speed of air flow in dryer. Two more buttons, you can set its temperature.

Overall, I think this rework station, YOUYUE 8586 is the best! She never let me down, works efficiently, conveniently, does not break. And in the event of a breakdown can be repaired and the manufacturer, all this provided with the stock. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.