Review tablet Cube U27GT for little money

After reading many reviews decided on buying a tablet Cube U27GT with Wi–Fi module on the website Aliexpress. Order was shipped a day after payment made. Russia was sending a service AliExpress Standard Shipping. Arriving in Moscow, the further delivery is performed by Russian Post. From the moment of payment until its receipt at the post office in Stavropol region of the city Novopavlovsk it’s been 29 days.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Tests and filling
  3. Video


The seller tried to conscience, packaging the parcel and it was wrapped in double bubble wrap and thoroughly with the duct tape (bought here). Having opened the transport package, immediately began to visual inspection of the product.


The back camera lens was covered with a transparent protective film on the screen was opaque soft plastic. Pleased to see that on the screen was glued film.

The device is very comfortable in the hands and not trying to slip out of them.

At the top of the tablet next to the charging Jack of the device there are:

  • standard connector for headphones;
  • mini–hdmi;
  • the slot under micro sd–card;
  • Reset button.

On the right side there is a button on / off button and volume regulate. All the rest of the control is performed on the touch screen.

First start up of the machine was quite long, which made a little nervous, but all went well.

View tablet back

Tests and filling

On the tablet was immediately pleased with the screen, brightness setting was turned all to the max, allowing to distinguish perfectly even in bright sunlight. And angles it just surpassed all my expectations, even for a very decent angle on the screen is quite visible.

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But the sound was even worse than I expected. If the room is absolute silence then, a comfortable volume level at 70 %, but if the room is noisy, for example, the television is on, the maximum volume is not enough. Saves the use of headphones.

Module Wi-Fi keeps connection is stable, but quite weak near the router the signal is strong, but should go into the next room, the signal level immediately drops by half (used a Wi-Fi router powerful on other devices the signal level drops markedly less).

I would also like to highlight the battery of the device, with the volume of 4500 mA*h it is enough to view two and a half hour movies with a maximum unscrewed brightness and sound.

When the Wi-Fi transmitter and viewing videos on YouTube is enough for a couple of hours. In standby mode, it is able to remain for five days. With moderate use lasts for a day with a large margin at 30 % charge.

As there is a GPS module, used it a couple of times as a Navigator, works tolerably well, but because of the size is not very convenient to use in the car. Internal memory of 8 gigabytes is available less than 4 GB. But even this is enough. For movies use a micro SD card of 16 GB.

All this stuffing is managed by the Android system version 5.1. During the use of the device never came with the upgrade.

To play games not even trying, this tablet is not for this, while simple casual games pulls quietly. For experiment tried to put WorldoftanksBlitz. Of course, the game starts, but playing is almost impossible.

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About cameras can say only one thing: they are made purely for show. Front camera with excellent lighting still somehow cope with the photograph. But in artificial and low light photos are just terrible.

Summing up the tablet CubeU27GT can conclude that I am happy with purchase on everything 100% and it fully met all my expectations.

Where to order. You can buy on Aliexpress here:

View the tablet and the price on Aliexpress >>


After six months of use. What appeared wear, roughness and scratches. The gadget was used by a small child, played games, watched videos, and here’s what I got to say…

Attention! Cube U33GT model and super model U27GT — are one and the same!