Review of the smartphone Ulefone Power 5 big battery

When I picked up the phone Ulefone Power 5 with a battery of as many as 13000 mah hands for the first time, it seemed to me that in my hand lies the brick. Its weight and size are really surprising.

And it’s not a flaw of Chinese engineers, it is a payment for a huge battery capable of ensuring the operability of the smartphone a few days while the Internet.

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Characteristics of the smartphone Ulefone Power 5 are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 169.4*80.2*15.8, weight 330 grams (glass bottle of coke in hand);
  • 3 cameras: one front-facing (8 Mixplay real 13 MP interpolation, FullHD video) and two on the rear cover for 21 MP;
  • Multi-touch capacitive screen with impressive resolution 2160×1080 (2K, however);
  • MediaTek MTK6763 — 64-bit Quad-core, 2.0 GHz;
  • Internal memory — 64 GB.


Ulefone Power 5 is very unusual smartphone with a large number of interesting differences from the rest of the gray mass…

  • There is no standard analog headphone Jack on the 3.5 mm headphones connect to your smartphone Ulefone Power 5 only via a single USB Type-C Adapter for standard headphones is complete;
  • Huge battery as much as 13000 mAh;
  • As a consequence, complete charger, outstanding from 5 Amps to achieve a full charge empty battery for 2.5-3 hours.

Opinion and personal opinion

The device is quite good. The size and weight over time to get used to. Appearance brutal and suitable for «real men». However, it is clear that Ulefone Power 5 was done primarily for severe travelers, able to stay the night in the woods in a tent or, for example, for anglers. For girls, neither the design nor the dimensions do not fit.

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The case is nice feels ergonomic plastic, no squeaks and no backlash. Although what squeaks the brick can be))

In General, if you are often in situations where communication and entertainment needs, and sockets are not around, then this unit is for you. In other matters, a Power Bank and is quite satisfied with users of other devices. For example, the same Pineng 10,000 mAh or equivalents.

Price and where to buy

The price of the phone Ulefone Power 5 with big battery at the time of writing this review was in the range of 200-250 dollars, depending on the configuration and the seller, the shipping methods.

As usually happens, to buy cheaper on Aliexpress, preferably with a cashback from EPNto save even $ 10-20.

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