Review of the smartphone Leagoo M8 from China

In August last year, I had the irresistible urge to buy for myself a new smartphone, since my old one was already morally and physically obsolete. I’m quite frugal, money for nothing try not to waste anything and not to overpay. It is for this reason I decided to order on Aliexpress.

Select I didn’t particularly necessary, as I already knew what it wanted. My choice fell on a smartphone Leagoo M8. The models are so unusual and attractive?

First, the price — at the time of purchase it was 70.06 $. Secondly, attractive appearance and impressive size. Thirdly — a characteristics and parameters. Fourth, the model and the seller had many positive reviews.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features
  3. Appearance
  4. Battery
  5. Camera
  6. Sound
  7. Opinion
  8. Video reviews

Where to buy

Naturally, I’m an experienced buyer on Aliexpress, ordered the official representative of the manufacturer, here is a link to it.

The seller sent the order the next day. As experience with these purchases I already had, I was hoping that the parcel will go from China to my city about two weeks. It happened, but I received my purchase of a dozen days later. Why? Yes, because our vaunted post has not put me on notice that I got a parcel. They, you know, had some kind of software glitch and had not had the opportunity to send the message to the recipients of the parcels.

The premise was all good — no bruises and strains. A box with the smartphone, the Chinese — well done wrapped in two layers of luperci. What was in the box? Yes, the standard set — mobile, user manual, charger (hybrid USB) and headphones. Pulling the gadget out of the box I immediately turned it on, pre-odliv with battery tape — it worked. Immediately inserted the SIM card and done all the necessary steps: setting up, screen calibration, Google account, installing the necessary applications.

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Now I want to briefly talk about the parameters of my purchase

  • Processor — MediaTek SoC MT6580, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;
  • OS — Android 6.0;
  • Display — touch IPS 5,7″, 1280×720, 257 ppi;
  • RAM — 2 GB;
  • Internal memory -16 GB;
  • Support micro-SIM — 2 support;
  • Support micro-SD up to 128 GB;
  • Network support — GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA;
  • Support Wi-Fi — Yes;
  • Bluetooth is;
  • Support GPS, A-GPS;
  • Support micro-USB 2.0;
  • Camera:
  • main — 13 MP, autofocus, video;
  • the front is 8 MP), fix. focus;
  • Sensors — light, proximity, accelerometer;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Battery capacity — 3500 mA·h;
  • Dimensions 155×80×8.8 mm;
  • Weight — 224 g;


Smartphone Leagoo apparently found their own style for their design, which I try now to stick in all models. The main, most distinctive and conspicuous feature of all smartphones Leagoo is the presence of a sufficiently thick side border of metal extending around its perimeter. This frame gives the smartphone a robust, presentable and significantly adds to the weight. At first, the purchase seemed too heavy — 224 g is not a joke, especially compared to my old Samsung.


The battery capacity of my smartphone rather big -3500 mAh, however, have to charge it almost every day because the big screen consumes most of the energy.


Cameras in the smartphone two — the main and front. As a selfie I’m not fond of, the second I do not need. The main camera takes very high quality and vivid pictures. I tried and frontalka, of course. Here the picture quality is a little worse, and it is clear (see specifications), but still nothing.

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As we saw on the body, characteristic of the hole suggest the presence of a very large speaker. But there it was. The speaker here is the most usual, and the sound is not so loud. Especially in a phone conversation on the street — almost unheard of. With headphones, too. Whether I got defective, or something with the connector on the device, but the sound often disappears and you have to pull at them constantly. But it’s not really a problem — I’m not an audiophile and I listen to music rarely.


Overall, after 10 months after purchase, I can say that the smartphone I’m rather pleased with it. As already mentioned, it is very presentable and strangers often pay attention to it. In the work the gadget is quite smart, works fast, not buggy. Happened glitches of course during this time, but a couple of times. Yes, heavy, but its weight I used very quickly, this Board for quite capacious battery. Thanks to the big screen you can watch movies, which I do from time to time.

Simcard in the smartphone, I have two two different mobile operators, both work. With their help, I make calls, send and receive messages.

The fingerprint scanner is not in use. I tried and I did not like. The internal memory of the smartphone as much as 16 GB, so an additional memory card is needed at all.

I almost forgot, there is the smartphone one not very pleasant moment. In the settings screen default is the sleep mode after 15 seconds of inactivity. Of course, I’m not satisfied and I rcgular change the index to 2 minutes, but for some strange reason, after some time in the settings anyway is 15 seconds. This is probably a bug of the Android and perhaps after the next global update will fix it.

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At the end of my review I want to say that if you do not pay attention to minor flaws, the smartphone Leagoo M8 is a very good budget option, especially considering its low price. Again, buy better spokesperson than any intermediaries, his shop on Aliexpress is here.

Video reviews

I must say, the video is not mine, but this is the best video about this phone that I could find on the Internet: