Reusable nets for vegetables, fruits and products

I am in process of forces try to reduce the daily intake of plastic. Just think about how much absolutely unnecessary bags and packaging we bring home after every trip to the supermarket. And ten visits to the store? For a hundred?

And if I had been go shopping with canvas bags and eco bags, not to recruit each time 10 supermarketthe «t-shirts», what to do with packets of fruit and vegetable Department? Even if you want to buy just one Apple, it will still have to wrap in a separate plastic bag, and it’s annoying. But then I saw on Aliexpress set of reusable grids here on this page and realized that this problem is solved.

The contents

  1. Set and sizes
  2. The quality and ease of use
  3. Opinion

Set and sizes

In the set are 12 of the nets made from polyester. Yes, you can nitpick and say that this is also plastic, but still in view of its mnogorazovogo and strength, this option seems less evil than the hundreds of plastic bags.

The kit includes bags of various sizes — 3 large mesh (43 x 30 cm), 6 medium (35 x 29 cm) and 3 small (28 x 21.5 cm). The manufacturer warns that it is permissible slight deviation of a couple of centimeters. They also vary in color.

The quality and ease of use

Sewn quality, equipped with rope tightening. They can be washed in the machine, I already tried, and they do not change.

With its main purpose, eco-friendly replacement for plastic bags, mesh bags do perfectly. In the big, blue, calm bags will fit a couple pounds of potatoes or other large purchases.

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In the middle, green bags, you can buy fruit. In the small, red, easy to fit a couple of apples. Perhaps, their only downside is that this material is badly glued labels, they have me so a couple of times I flew, I had to look for them at the bottom of the basket. Now have to mold them with great zeal.

In addition, the mesh bags are good to store food in the refrigerator, so the fruit and vegetables are scattered throughout the box and not mixed together.

In the comments under the order on Aliexpress I also read that many buyers use these mesh eco bags for sorting and storing other things — such as toys or tools for creativity. Or to wrap yourself snack on the road or trip.


If it does bother for going green, you can use the large grid as reusable bags non-marking garbage like plastic or paper.

In General, use the reusable nets a huge amount, the purchase I pleased.

Bought this set for about 9 dollars here on Aliexpress (about 600 rubles), maybe the price will fluctuate due to exchange rate or discounts. Came quickly — within a couple of weeks by regular mail. It was Packed well, though the product itself is not fragile. Track to track all the way.