Retorno — a new cashback service

The contents

  1. What is
  2. The percent return
  3. An additional 150 rubles
  4. How to use
  5. Payments
  6. The pros and cons
  7. Reviews
  8. Lohotoron and deception
  9. Summary

With the increasing number of online shopping among Russians and gradg CIS, and especially, shopping in Chinese stores and even more at Aliexpress like mushrooms after a rain began to appear various cashback services.

Some of them work long and successfully, allowing to save part of the money from purchases on many resources, others appear quickly, then tricking its users to «merge» with all the unpaid money. Learn about the offices you are here.

Because the latter is always suspect to all new cabecera often unreasonable.

What is

Retorno is a relatively new resource of return of the paid funds in many online stores. They opened in mid-2016, but very quickly began to gain popularity.

Overall, Retorno no significant differences from other similar cabeceros. Easy to register, simple Cabinet, the payments to Bank cards and electronic money (I’m on WebMoney), very responsive support, a large number of stores… there are not only shops, but also various sites of services, air and railway tickets, hotels, courses of foreign languages, flowers, taxis, and even I found… credits .

To receive cashback you need to select the link for a specific store or service of your account after you register, then purchase and orders.

Any native application for mobile or browser plugins is not yet seen. But, as practice shows, such sites acquire these things gradually and is often not even in the first year of operation.

The percent return

Unfortunately, can not boast of high interest rates. At the same EPN interest for many of the stores above. However, in the first 10 days after registration, each new user gets VIP status with higher rates, which may even be above the competition.

Also, they have a loyalty program for regular customers with a lifetime status. Here are the main statuses:

  1. The Status «Light». To achieve you need to dial cashback only 500 rubles, and the rate of return increases to 10%;
  2. The «standard». No, despite the name, it is not given by default. You need to cashback at least 2000 rubles and you’ll return 15% more bets;
  3. Premium. Twenty percent of reaching 3 thousand rubles.;
  4. The highest account level is the VIP. This 30% cashback for any «top». Given default for the first 10 days after registration for life when you reach the payout 10000p;
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Oh and they constantly are any promotions. Here at the time of this writing, they gave VIP to three months. Just go to the website and look at the shares today.

An additional 150 rubles

If you register today at this link or on the button below, to achieve the payment of 500 rubles, you will automatically receive an additional 150 rubles on your account. Just keep in mind, this promotion can end at any moment and you have to register BEFORE graduation. Then you can gain your first 500 p. a year, even two :).

How to use

Step 1. Check

What I like Retorno is the maximum simplicity of the interface. It’s really intuitive and it would take care of my grandmother. Besides, a mobile version to switch to that through the link at the bottom of each page.

Go to the button, it will provide additional 150 rubles, which was written above:

Register now >>

When registering you need to provide your e-mail (email address) and your desired password:


Will mail the code which must be entered in your account. Until you input this code to any page of the service cannot pass.

By the way, you can not register, but just log in via a social network (Facebook, Vkontakte, Classmates or Further, the account in the and will be tied to the account.


Step 2. The choice of shop or service

All partner sites with cashback is conveniently structured in folders by categories, but you can search and level of popularity among users, by name, interest return and other characteristics:

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Click image to see entire catalog

There is a convenient section «Brands». You need a specific brand model of phone, brand of cosmetics or clothes? Just find them in a special directory of brands and you will prompt, in what shops you can buy and how much you are willing to refund for the order:

Section brand names are structured in a directory, sorted alphabetically.

Step 3. Recording cashback

Selecting the store is just a click on a special button from your account. Important: to purchase need without closing the browser and better after putting the product to the cart.

In General, do your shopping as usual. The main point here — is go to the link from the account and do all transactions in one session without closing the browser and turning off the computer before the payment is made. That’s why I recommend to first select goods, add them to favorites in your browser, and then click the link button to the website shop, add all previously selected in the shopping cart and pay. It is the most reliable option. Read also the article: why is not accrued cashback.


The payment will be available only when transaction with the store will be closed. In other words, when you receive the product or service and to confirm receipt on the store website.

None of the cash back service will not pay a cent for cancelled and returned orders, as in this case, neither the store nor the seller, nor the service get nothing and they have nothing to share.

There is no minimum, or rather it is conditional — only 1₽. The payments are made 2 times a week, how very little credit card, WebMoney (WMR), Yandex Money, PayPal, a mobile phone number. To get their «blood» want to pre-populate profile information:

The pros and cons


  • Just a giant number of partners. Apart from the standard online stores, you can order, for example, the server and hosting, or go on courses of English!
  • There is no minimal withdrawal, a large number of ways of getting money;
  • Good support, comfortable the simplest interface;
  • Section «Brands» mentioned above.
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  • Low rates of return on the market. Any suggestions and better (not counting promotions, VIP status after registering and achieve level);
  • No plug-ins and mobile apps, maybe they in the development;
  • Not instant payments. However, twice a week — too bad.


My opinion as user is in this article. Leave your comments and questions via the form under the article. And the Internet has found the following reviews (they are clickable — click to enlarge):

Lohotoron and deception

Of course, it is human nature to doubt and nobody wants to be deceived, especially when it comes to money. In the West, cashback services are quite famous and popular, even before the Internet they were used there in the Bank and club cards.

For us, this movement is quite new, although it has long many people use discount cards in trade networks, free cumulative miles for flights, etc. Thanks to them, the buyers get discounts and even free gifts, and company — loyal customers. The time has come the Internet, mass online shopping, and return them with interest across resources, such Retorno. They really pay with it there are a lot of advantages. I used only three other similar sites, but now add this to your list. Why? Answer below in summary.


If you constantly shop, and buy really a lot, then certainly you should use Retorno. After registration you will be VIP status, and a good percent and will gradually get lifetime status.

If you buy a little and not often, you should use them short and having to move to EPN. Explain how: register with them, get VIP automatically, make purchases, get their interest back until you reach the total amount of payments of 500 rubles. Immediately top get another 30% — 150 rubles and go to the other services where rates are initially higher!

Register now >>