RETEVIS RT628 walkie talkie type Walkie-talkie

The kids wanted the radio and in anticipation of the holiday decided to buy. We have in the city or quite children and very poor quality, either for serious purposes, something medium not found. Had to resort to using all known site aliexpress.

Viewing videos on YouTube and simply searching information on the Internet, opted for Retevis radios, because in the ratio the price-quality suited me.

The communication range was looking for 800-1000 meters. Found in the store with lots of reviews model RT628 Walkie Talkie here on this page. Naturally ordered, it cost me about 15$ with shipping from China, although there was a possibility and with delivery from Russia.

In General, the seller sent the order the next day. The track code is tracked all the way to the parcel to the receiving, which could not but rejoice. Delivery to Yeysk took 24 days.

Unpacked the qwintry found a perfectly Packed box that was my order with the instruction.

Walkie talkie Retevis RT628 to the touch excellent quality and odor. Eight allowed on the territory of our country.

And you know, not for such a significant price for such things compared to the prices on the Russian platforms, I found so many additional features, such as VOX function, channel lock, and battery status indicator adjustable volume level, different sensitivity settings for the microphone, select ringing tones, and other functions, which is not yet understood.

There is also a LCD display with various indicators.

The only drawback, although I’m not uncomfortable, perhaps, is the lack of battery feed apparatus AA batteries in 3 pieces each. But this is easily solved.

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Even the ordinary alkolayn of batteries cheap enough for a few days.

And of course about the range. Immediately upon arrival I decided to try my husband and Chiharu from children. With the specified 800 meters coped easily. According to our observations are not in line of sight somewhere in the range of reliable reception as we were looking for 800-1000 meters.

Writing this review several months after purchase and active use of walkie-talkies Retevis RT628, including repeated falls. So far no complaints and claims.

Do not think that advertising, but the thing is very convenient not only for children, perfect for walks together, in tourism and at work. Friends involved in concrete work ordered the same and is very happy, say comfortable.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here.