Replica LEGO — set Lego Knights Nexo Fortrex

New year baby asked for Lego Knights Nexo Fortrex. The original set is quite expensive, it was decided to take the analogue on Aliexpress. Such kits on the website quite a lot.

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  4. Manual

Where to buy and price

After viewing all the proposals, and a careful study of the rating and reviews I made an order in the store, Lucky bags home (link to product).

On November 11, the kit price with discount coupon was 35$. The seller on the next day of confirmed payment and two days later sent the goods. Delivery of the order was carried out by transport company SDEK. By 6 December, the parcel was delivered to the house.


The designer came without a box but the reviews warned about this. In the soft packaging, the package had instructions and numbered bags with circuits. The Assembly revealed that the circuits are sorted randomly, had to open all packages in order to find the right part.

Parts enough, even have a few spare. The constructor is going well, the parts adhere tightly with each other, it turns out reliable, sturdy toy.

Fortreks is a mobile fortress, the smooth floor just glides, across the carpet crawler elements scroll as intended. Assembled fortress can be compactly folded and to be moved to another room, it falls apart even when transporting in the car.

For game the fortress can be disassembled into two wings. The left wing is the gym, the steering wheel of a moving cannon at the right is the kitchen (there is even a semblance pans, mugs and cooler with cold and hot water, very original!), stand to charge weapons, nexo-force, another wheel gun and camera for the prisoner.

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Middle is a round table with a hologram of the Merlock. Top center is a landing pad for aeromate, bottom – for a motorcycle. Side of the gate of the fortress located six-shooters with extra shells in the kit.

Also in the fortress there is a set of tools for fix transport. At the bottom of the fortress there is a disc shooter that fires a disk at clicking the lever next to the round table. The front of the fortress gate can be lowered with the help of the rotation mechanism.

All moving parts designer work flawlessly, are controlled easily and smoothly.

The fortress included figures of the knights: a Glue with a sword, Axl with a crossbow, Aaron, with the axe, the chef in the hat. Glue knight rides a motorcycle, Axl flies aeromate.

To help the knights go 5 nexo-forces:

  • Electric attack;
  • The Cry Of A Hawk;
  • Chicken Atada;
  • The Power Of Earth;
  • SuperSpeed.

In conjunction with him a book of magic spells.

Also figures of enemy Papamichael with the aircraft and two fast with dynamite and spear. To an aircraft are three discs, which you can shoot with a lever in front of the camera.

Gathered in the fortress you can add all the attached figures for easy transportation.


Overall, the set is bright, colorful, detail, smooth, without defects. The General impression is indistinguishable from the original, only much cheaper. Pleased with good performance of dynamic structures, play nice, everything revolves and spins with no problems!

Despite the fact that it is a Chinese replica from Aliexpress, quality is at the highest level, there is compatibility with the original set. A bit disappointing no box, but the designer himself, this fact is not affected even when the instruction forwarding is not wrinkled. The child is happy playing with pleasure. Mobile fortress lived up to its name!

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I recommend to buy, links to the product itself and the store in Aliexpress Lis at the top of the article!