Replacement UV light bulb for nail dryers Genailish

Ordered online well-known Chinese Internet store Aliexpress here on this page are a set of replacement UV bulbs, consisting of four pieces.

They can be adapted to any unit with a capacity of 36W. For example, an ultraviolet lamp Genailish.

With constant use for work, bulbs very often have to change. They have a capacity of 9W each.

A set designed to change all the lamps of the apparatus. It is very convenient and advantageous in cost. Usually, one piece to buy more expensive.

Ordered them six months ago at a price of 5.44$. Was little more than a month, shipping is not tracked. In the box threw a piece of paper with a request to go to the post office. This can be done for ten days.

Received the item in the mail of Russia, presenting a personal passport. They were very well Packed. I was handed a gray bag, there lay the long-awaited goods. Opening it, I saw four Packed in separate boxes of light bulbs. Additionally, they were wrapped in bubble wrap.

Arriving home, I was able to verify the integrity and operation of the purchased lamps.

Expectations were met. Most likely due to the film, in which they were wrapped, the integrity of the lamps preserved.

After tasting them, it became clear that this is the product that we wanted. Individual boxes protected from contact and impact each other. The seller, fortunately, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Each lamp is marked with the appropriate signs, which confirms the quality of the product. Each of them put the 9W mark.

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The work was great, dried quickly and efficiently. Reorder I recommend. Now I will only buy them. Again, the order made on Aliexpress here.