Remote control for TV Samsung

At home I have a small child and a large dog, one breaks, the other gnaws. That’s why I have consoles do not last long.

I recently broke-chewed the remote for the TV Samsung. Buy original in the store is more than a thousand rubles and not the fact that it is really original.

Decided to take a replica on Aliexpress, the price there ranges from half to three dollars apiece and free shipping.

Chose the seller with the highest rating and I have a lot of sales is this do. As a result, bought for$ 2 here.

Surprisingly, it was my remote for the Samsung TV just two weeks in a soft, but quite a good package by post Air Mail.

Looks and feels the same as the real, only there is no inscription of the brand. But this does not matter to me, if only it worked fine.

Complete gift sticker from the seller with the name of Samsung . But the battery was no need to insert your standard-sized AAA (or mizinchikov in common) that are sold in any store or kiosk, even a grocery.

But I don’t be stupid, stuck with a broken. All right, he earned and began to control the TV, change channels, volume, etc.

By the way, the remote is fully universal for all Samsung TVs! The idea is that if buy a new TV, then go to him.

In one workshop I was told that each brand has its own working frequency in the infrared channel and so do have the versatility to do.

In General, a remote control for the TV very happy! Will need to order another one to put «in reserve», since the price is ridiculous.

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Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. By the way, even with the cheapest buying save through the service EPN Cashback — see 30-second video and you will understand everything.