Reliable smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4 x

My first acquaintance with the products of the company Xiaomi began with the fact that I wanted to upgrade my phone. I like to order my desired goods on the Internet, so I decided not to change my principles and went on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. First impression
  3. Camera
  4. Battery
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video

Where to buy

At that time the xiaomi redmi 4x was very popular and had quite a good price — 7300 because I liked the look of the phone, its specifications, I started watching reviews on this phone model, very enthusiastic and in the end finally decided that I want to take a chance and order this phone.

Took it from an official seller, Xiaomi — Xiaomi MC Store on Ali here.

Honestly, it was a little scary because it had not ordered on Aliexpress products at this price. Made the order. Seller was very communicative and polite and just a couple of hours I wrote that my order is being prepared,and that he will report as soon as it’s ready to ship. Sent my order the next day, towards evening. As promised, the seller told me about it.

Was my phone prior to me for 2 weeks. All this time we kept in touch with the seller, this is a huge plus.It is the day when I, after work went to the post office to pick up my long-awaited parcel. Of course, coming home, I could not think about some matters and the experience began to unpack.

About the packing. Packed everything was just fine. The phone certainly would not hurt. First was a plain white package, which usually packaged parcel from aliexpress. Then came the airbag, which actually was the box with my xiaomi. By the way, the seller gave me the adapter for our outlet of black color, it is made qualitatively.

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First impression

Then opened the box. First feelings were very positive. It’s so beautiful, I thought. The phone I ordered in the color gold, here everyone chooses to your taste.

The rear part of the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4 x iron, except for two plastic inserts on top and bottom. For a budget phone, it’s great,I think. Front surface white color ( the screen bezel). Looks very nice, I think. The bottom three touch buttons are not highlighted. On top is a light sensor, earpiece and camera.

SIM card is inserted in the slot, which extends from the left side. The clip to open it in the there.

Turn on the smartphone without any problems.

From the very first day I liked how the smart phone in their work.

Everything still works just fine, from the moment I first turned it on,there was not a single case to the phone failed me at the wrong moment or began to fail.

As for the sound, Xiaomi ASUS zenfone 4 — all I was completely satisfied, and will suit many because the sound is clear, loud enough and just very pleasant. By the way, twice speaker, in my carelessness, fell into the water,and it did not affect the sound quality if it distorted, then immediately recovered within 5 minutes. Also the phone quite a lot fell out of my hands( well I am). And with him nothing happened.

Now let’s talk about the camera. 21, all madly in love to photograph and do it more often on the phone. And in this xiaomi redmi 4 x Quad core.


The photo on the phone is good, clear. Very often in my family at holidays and feasts it asking me to take pictures on the phone because everyone loves the quality of these photos. In the front shooting mode is a mode that will make you a doll, because it smooths skin texture, making it visually beautiful.



Now very important, namely the battery. In this phone battery 4100 mA! Often you meet such a nice battery from the phone for a price? My phone holds a charge in very active use 1 day. And rest 4 days!


By the way, now the cost of this phone has grown a little bit, what is the reason I don’t know, probably, understand, how much is a cool product of the company xiaomi.

So if you want a good budget phone,then pay attention to xiaomi redmi 4x. Again, bought in official store on Aliexpress with the name of Xiaomi MC Store at this link. Still I can recommend to buy from the same seller such Pover Bank as much as 20000 mah and hybrid Saami headphones — Your ears will respond with gratitude))