Red dress Dress

I really want to write a review about my wonderful dress is a Dress that I have ordered on Aliexpress.

Dress has been suggested in section hot goods, its price was RUB 612 Order I received very quickly and made the order already 27.03 10.03 and I have already spun before the mirror, trying on my new outfit. Bought from the official representative of the brand style and colour and Ali here.

The contents

  1. Quality and size
  2. About the dress
  3. Special evening
  4. Conclusion and where to buy

Quality and size

The dress is just lovely, beautiful maroon or as it now called, a wine color. Very nice fabric — knitted, stretch satin, ie from the front side of the material smooth and blestyashki like satin, and the inside — knitted base. Fabric composition: 7% spandex, 93% nylon.

It holds its shape, but at the same time can be quite stretched if you a little hit in size. I ordered a size S fitted me perfectly. I usually always wear clothes of this size, i.e. we can say that this thing is the size of in size. Still I can advise blouse from a brand She In.

Judging by the style is formal, cocktail dress. But if nice to beat the top, for example to wear some jacket and a leather jacket, it can be worn in the daytime.

About the dress

Dress with thin straps that can be adjusted. A bodice with double pleats and perfectly support the breast. But please note, they are without rigid pads, i.e., only two layers of fabric and nothing more. Therefore, still consider that the chest area is quite Frank and very sexy!

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Back dress on the locks length of 30 cm from the top of a lock, so that it is not dispersed, and an attached hook. The dress itself is quite long — 100 cm, at my height of 175 cm, it comes to me knees. But that’s the whole beauty of the top is quite open and attractive views, but the thighs are all covered with a fitted cloth. Strict and seductive at the same time! My young man liked it — he said that the dress is simply super!

Made it in China, but the sewing quality is just excellent — seams overlegen very smoothly and neatly, no gaps and not a thread hanging.

Special evening

This dress, of course, for special occasions. Wear it with heels. I got the black suede sandals with thin straps. Satin and suede together look just great! I already wore it to the wedding of a friend and, judging from the numerous burning men’s views, looked very attractive.

Conclusion and where to buy

So I’m very happy with my purchase. Very low price for such a beautiful and high quality stuff. Too bad it is only available in one color, and then I ordered several more colors.

I want to say thank you Aliexpress for a great mood and a new style Dress in my wardrobe! Again, bought here, only take the official.