Recruitment: email designer — digital voltmeter

Purchased a designer of electronic parts and chip (already programmed chip) to the Board for the soldering and Assembly of a digital voltmeter.

The purchase price was approximately $ 7 on Aliexpress here on this page. More sets in the form of various toys and useful home automation, electronic clock and other things, you can find Ali here.

The parcel is very long to be processed, the seller sent me the track code only a week after the payment. In Nizhny Novgorod the package came about a month after the date of payment. The parcel is not tracked, only the status says that the parcel has been accepted and is in transit.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Quality
  3. Opinion


The seller put all the details listed in the description. Electrical circuits in a set was not. From the seller on a page, the page is also not there, had to find yourself from other sellers on other sites.

Description of the electronic voltmeter, in principle, no. The seller does not give any clarifying details or instructions to DIY designer, even a simple description no. The only thing that is specified is the range of measured DC voltages from 0 to 30 volts and the measurement accuracy of 0.1 volts.

The kit e-designer included:

  • The printed circuit Board.
  • 7-segment display.
  • Microcontroller.
  • Alligator clips for measurements, the most simple. Very tight insulation, it was difficult to attach the wires.
  • 2 sets of cables (on the site specified only one).
  • The passive components.


But wires, spare parts are put. Missing components too. The resistors were not organized like the photo the seller had to look for each color code, but it’s all useful practice, especially for the novice electronics.

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The display was bent pins on the one hand, I think the postman was trying to shove in a drawer, and he was lying on top.

PCB approached the microcontroller and display size, which is a rarity in Chinese sets. Signed on the Board designated for each component.


Fully assembled (soldered to PCB) electronic kit has not been tested. Collected under the scheme separately as the device works, but the voltage measures are quite inaccurate.

The measurements were compared with a digital multimeter. The difference was a couple of volts. Not quite critical in order to play at home, but unacceptable.

Neither of which precision measurements in 0.1 volt then even to say no. In General, the purchase justifies its cost. Of course, I would like a more accurate result of the measurements and the diagram.

Again, bought a set here on Aliexpress. I can also recommend advanced Ts100 soldering iron and even a soldering station.