Rear view camera GreenYi

Bought a new car, a screen for multimedia is, and no Parking assist. As the car became more, without it not to manage. On Aliexpress quite a large selection of cameras for each car model. Chose average for the price.

We have a Nissan X-trail, but the seller has camera on different models, it is necessary to open a shop to watch. Here is a link to all the models of this brand, official seller GreenYi Ali.

Functional devices are divided into two types: with marking strips or marking with + the trajectory. Here, as you prefer, but I don’t see the point in the trajectory, in this respect, it is better to rely on yourself.

Took the first option.

Cost only 1099 rubles. Arrived very quickly, in just a week. Was Packed in Styrofoam, tucked away in a cardboard box on top of another wrapped in the package with bubbles. So that nothing is damaged.

The contents

  1. Equipment and the quality of the items
  2. Video quality
  3. Video

Equipment and the quality of the items

Included is the camera itself GreenYi, video cable 6 meters for connection to the standard device and the power cord is 1.5 meters. Wire is good, thick and sturdy, there is no feeling that it’s all now in a few months will begin to move. The camera itself is very light, like a toy, plastic does not crackle in hands when pressing, the seams are all well connected, so that in the apparatus the moisture should not fall.

Camera is installed instead of one of the light bulbs liftgate. The installer said, they say, bad quality, better if it was infrared light. Our Registrar it is and the picture quality he’s well, just ugly all the floats. So I think that such a thing is not needed here and it makes no sense to overpay for it.

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Video quality

The picture is not Full HD, but for my money, is just wonderful. You can see everything perfectly, and people and other cars and fences. Conveniently, if there is a track from a Parking space, it can be clearly seen, then I just guided it. Parking was definitely easier. If you do not focus on the super good quality image, we suggest that you take. With its function to cope with a Bang.

Again, they have regular and emergency device for hundreds of models of Kia, Opel, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Ford and many others. Here is the link for the choice on Aliexpress.

I can still recommend Aux Bluetooth adapter in the car and DVR Podofo, which has already established itself as a high quality.