Razer gaming mouse for true gamers!

Decided to upgrade my gaming computer. The choice fell on the mouse and keyboard. Friends advised gaming mouse with high sensitivity. As a result, after prolonged viewing of surveys and reviews, the choice fell on Razer 2400DPI for$ 22 in January 2017-th year, for the right hand.

The seller (this one) quickly responded and consulted on the terms of delivery in Russia, Yekaterinburg. Also answered my hard questions patiently and promptly.

The product came very quickly, in just three weeks, in good packaging, reliable, protects from bumps and shaking. This mouse is marketed as a gaming and used by professional gamers house and competitive players on the playing tournaments and training with the team. The seller put in a good set gaming Mat, although I ordered cheaper without it, I think it’s a gift and a positive feedback from me he will get anyway.


Naturally, I immediately began to test it in popular games, shooters, where speed is important the reaction of the player.

Sorry for these photos, just my phone is very bad camera.

Photo mouse Razer

The Razer is very comfortable in the palm of your hand,weighs little, smoothly moves on the surface of the working table does not slide off from the skin. For it just don’t need a Mat.

Connects via usb, wired. Button elongated and very sensitive, subtle, pleasant clicking. Separately, I note that clicking the buttons is very quiet which is important for lovers of peace. Not always play, sometimes you have to work with the documents.

The wheel is rotating properly,has a grippy rubber coating, comfortable. Separately, I note the additional buttons on the side that can be configured by downloading the drivers from the official website.

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Backlight mouse nice blue color, has a Central button that is responsible for the sensitivity of the sensor, which is very convenient, can be in the game to change the sensitivity depending on the situation. Now yuzayu it with my laptop Acer Swift 1 — flight normal.


The cable at the Razer cloth-covered yellow-black color, long and lightweight, like the Razer.The mouse is curved under the shape of the hand, the brush stays on the right a stand the thumb with a thin ledge to hold fast to the mouse. The exterior design fits perfectly into any interior, universal.

Along with my new laptop and MIC BM800 Zeepin perfectly fits in my stylish backpack Muzee, who bought this.


Very ergonomic and comfortable. Immediately noticed the increase in agility in the game. Highly recommend for beginners and Pro-gamers. Mouse Razer nice to hold in the palm of your hand, this is a great purchase, the best in its price category. Overall very happy with the purchase, it is universal. I recommend everyone not regret it!

PS Bought the mouse here on Aliexpress.

The photo was taken specifically for the site