RAM Kllisre 2 GB

On a computer stood two laths of the RAM at one GB. Decided to put two laths on two Gigabytes. Prices in Ukraine at this iron is not good. I decided to look on Aliexpress. Found a suitable, inexpensive memory company Kllisre here.

Read customer reviews, watched video reviews. Decided to start to take the same level for the sample. I ordered the RAM Kllire DDR2 2Gb RAM 800 MHz for all kinds of motherboards. The cost of operating a memory 4.95 or $ 142 USD.

Shipping to Ukraine service AliExpress Saver Shipping free. Track to track until the delivery date. The parcel arrived three weeks later to the Department of Ukrposhta.

The parcel was packaged in a sleeve with soft tabs. In the middle was a plastic transparent packaging bar. The RAM was surprisingly small. With a height of about two centimeters.

After you install the RAM into the socket, the computer is joined without problems. The test program showed the declared characteristics. Overall satisfied with the product. Ordered another one. Bought it from an official seller on Aliexpress brand Kllisre here on this page.

I can also recommend a SSD-disk Kingdian and story Limpopo: «How to build a powerful computer 2-3 times cheaper than market prices«.


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