RAM DDR3 Kllisre

Many of you probably have faced such a problem as spyware attacks, not giving normally to work with him, to view videos and play games, my problem was worried about 2 months, fortunately I made it, but only now.

The whole problem was simply a lack of memory on the computer, for which I had to buy a additional bar at 4 GB.

Computer unbearable hang, before you buy the RAM I put a new video card with Ali, it was more or less better.

As in our small town these straps are very expensive, moreover didn’t want to spend 3-4 thousand on an old PC, I ordered two 4GB strips of RAM Kllisre with Aliexpress here on this page. Under my computer found the right strap and ordered.

Ordered and paid for I 17th of April, the seller sent the next day and within 2 weeks I was expecting a package, I was surprised that the package came so quickly to Orenburg, yesterday I received it, immediately did a test, in General, all super, as expected all came up and the computer can not understand, the differences, of course, once there is 4 GB of RAM now 8 GB.

Test Kllisre in games, load the system demanding programs in principle, everything is normal, considering my computer is 7 years old. Friezes in games lost, the game became much more comfortable.

Regarding the seller, he’s a big lad, a link to the product I will leave the dialogue with him I did not lead, only thanked. Characteristics of RAM will not describe, but I can say that adding RAM gave my PC a couple of years of stable work for sure. He’s got on the same page and trims the RAM to 8 GB.

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