Radio Rectangle format 2DIN for car

In my baby car Toyota junk radio, earlier this year, she absolutely refused to work, it’s finally time to replace it. My husband visited a lot of stores, only here the prices in such establishments too are hitting the pocket. Looked at the sites where the post former use head unit, but decided that the product must be new! Our choice fell on the aliexpress website, where we chose our favourite device.

The choice was not accidental, but on the advice of a friend, who is engaged in buying and selling cars and sometimes he needs to replace the stock broken radio for a new, modern, but at the same time inexpensive and reliable.

General view menu

Of course, at first somewhat alarmed by the unknown company Rectangle, my husband never heard of it. But still the desire to save money and the assurances of the other overpowered.

So, order was placed on Aliexpress now here February 18, 2018 in the amount 77.23$ (4956 rubles at the time) and we just had to wait! Fortunately the seller was honest and respectable, write about sending himself go to the link below we did not worry about anything.

Shipping was very fast to Tomsk region, notification of receipt of the goods it’s already March 6. Everything came in one piece, safely. Inside the box on all sides was laid a thick layer of foam. The screen is protected by a special transparent film, which did not take off even as it does not interfere in the work.

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Installed on their own without any help. What special skills are required.


  • touch screen 7 inch, HD resolution 1024 x 600
  • claimed power output 4×45 Watts,
  • FM/AM band, radio function,
  • MP4/MP3 and WMA playback format,
  • built-in Bluetooth/ microphone for mobile hands-free,
  • support JPG, JPE, JPEG, BMP images
  • the ability to install and connect the camera wire forward/reverse.

Rear view camera

Now about the quality:

  • backlash or any gaps anywhere,
  • sturdy plastic, not flimsy,
  • sensor bright/colorful, triggered by a light touch with your finger (my daughter likes to watch cartoons),
  • the sound is excellent,
  • translation into Russian is not ugly,
  • phone finds the connection for a few seconds, really accessible book challenges
  • voice communication does not rustle, the words clearly audible.

I would like to summarize and give your opinion…


Very good car radio with a large variety of features, affordable cost that fully meets the needs of the adult and child. Someone will say that the resolution is weak. But, excuse me, weak for what? The menu at this size is not seen grit, and movies… not all movies download in higher quality than HD. Movies you need to watch home TV screen or computer monitor. I’m (like many people) its only for listening to music and radio programs. And Yes, I forgot, and even to talk on the phone (hands free) via BlueToth, safety is important!

In the near future, put the front camera, then the radio will serve as a recording device (recorder) and help when maneuvering.

View the radio and the price for it today on Aliexpress >>Aliexpress Photo

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