Q50 smart kids watches (opinion of the real owner)

The contents

  1. Price and delivery
  2. Features and capabilities
  3. Ease of use
  4. Buy original watch
  5. Video: overview and instructions for use
  6. Setting
  7. Reviews

Our kids grow up fast, and here my son it’s time to go to the first class. Today almost every first-grader on the eve of the knowledge Day receives a gift, something very necessary in modern life — the first mobile phone… the First and, as soon becomes clear, is not the last.

Children lose, break their cell phones, especially the boys. It is a fact. And the purchase of multiple phones for one academic year at considerable cost to the family budget. Yes, and the nervous system gets well. I had to do something to avoid it. And I got it!

Here it is, my purchase, kids watch phone Q50.

I came across quite by accident, wandering in the vast trading platform Aliexpress, in search of a phone for my son.

Price and delivery

Chose inexpensive, costing $ 24, I looked, making sure to include all the desirable features for me, ordered here and paid for. Watch sent by China post, they were tracked down to my post office that is located in Timashevsk (Krasnodar, Russia). After 17 days I had them in my hands!

The watch was Packed in a green box, Packed neatly in a foam cushion. Included is a small screwdriver and some spare screws, cord micro USB, USB without an adapter. Attached are the instructions in Chinese and English.

I was loading them from your computer, is to have one hour. At the time of receiving the hours I have already installed in your tablet (I have it on Android, by the way) the app Setracker, it was recommended to me by the seller, it’s free, but there are alternatives.

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Features and capabilities

Through this application using the ID code on the back cover set up the clock, recorded the contacts in their notebook (10 rooms), set numbers for quick dialing buttons, set the area where my son can be (now when a child is crossing its borders sends me a text).

In General, the main features of this gadget:

  • the SOS button in an emergency, call hours send to the specified phone number;
  • the so-called «electronic fence» that is on my number comes SMS about a child is crossing the permitted limits;
  • the exact time in GSM;
  • a gauge from unauthorized removal, in my room the message is sent on the removal or disabling of hours during sending SMS recorded ambient sounds;
  • dual control from the GPS and the base station about the location of the device;
  • remote monitoring, you can connect and listen to the child, no one will guess
  • «historical trajectory», the program shows all movement of the child for the last three months;
  • pedometer, calorie counter and distance traveled per day, alarm;
  • you can share with your child audio messages, and encourage your favorite child to send hearts on the monitor;
  • the conversation is conducted only on speakerphone.

Ease of use

The watch itself is made of nice, soft silicone, coloring, anyone can pick up on your taste.

Easy to put on baby, fit the hand comfortably, but for many children hand this model may not be suitable.

To lose them even if you want to be quite problematic. Son has several months of daily use these the clock, they work great. On the street, their location is determined accurately, in areas with some error.

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Son goes for a swim in the children’s section in the pool he does not remove because they are waterproof. At first I was afraid, but what you can do will be to remove — forget in the locker room. But it’s been a few classes and watch showed itself from the best side.

In General, in our turbulent times, for the parent of tranquillity and child safety — an indispensable thing!

Buy original watch

You can buy in many major baby stores and markets. But, as a rule, cheaper to buy directly from manufacturers in Aliexpress:

Watch watch the Q50 and the current prices on Aliexpress >>Pay attention to the title of the item or the description was written «Original» (Original) as sold cheaper copies and according to the rules of the Ali sellers in the sale of counterfeits can’t write «Original».


Video: overview and instructions for use

If you get a fake, and the description will indicate the Original, you can always fully recover the paid funds and goods to keep, just opening a debate. In addition, support Aliexpress, and will force the seller to remove items from sale or remove the description «Original».



Here are some reviews I found on the Internet about Q 50: