Puzzle mosaic «Buttons»

Long experience of orders on Aliexpress shows that you can find almost everything and to save money. It happened with this mosaic «buttons», which for several months in the favorites of my son.

First toy I liked. I saw a review in one of the social networks and decided that this mosaic is just necessary for my child. The prices in the stores were just insane and out of habit decided to search on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Quality and size

Where to buy

Ordered here in this store, the warehouse which is located in Moscow. Due to this, shipping to Voronezh took only 5 days.

The price at the time of purchase — 6,50$ (now below). Shipping fee — 2,90$ (now a bit more expensive).

If in this store to buy a few items, it can be nice to save on shipping. But even with one order, the total price of the mosaic is lower than in other stores.

It was Packed in bubble wrap and a black bag. Box came completely intact, so can be taken at present.


In the mosaic kit includes:

  • 46 colorful parts of «buttons»
  • 12 laminated stencils
  • the pan and lid with holes.

Quality and size

Colorful buttons are made carefully from quality plastic. They are quite large (diameter 3 cm, height with the «leg» — 2 cm), sit in a baby pen.

You can give to play, and quite small children without fear that they will swallow. The kit also includes 2 buttons as eyes. With them pictures of animals «come to life» and play even more interesting.

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Cards size-stencil 24cm to 24cm. Color pictures fully correspond to the colors of the buttons. The images are clear and colorful, attract baby’s attention.

There are stencils with simple and more complex tasks where you need to pick the button corresponding to the color of the stroke around the hole. Due to the fact that the cards are laminated, their lifespan is greatly increased. To tear or crease, the kid need to put a lot of effort.

Plastic container is made qualitatively. The material is dense, there are no sharp edges or poorly treated. It is convenient to store all the details of the mosaic. Cover with holes sustained when a son walked her a few times. Buttons good «sit» in the holes. Go with a small press and not fly.

The box says the age limit is 3+, but in my opinion, under supervision, you can play kids and younger.

Mosaic develops fine motor skills, helps to learn and memorize the color. Also great for training attention and gives mom in about 20 min. of free time.

Once again, I bought a mosaic-buttons on Aliexpress here. Recommend another block designer-gears of 81 details and magnetic QWZ of 110 units.