Primer for the face SACE LADY

Not long ago, I was busy looking for a good and inexpensive primer on the website Aliexpress and luckily, my search was crowned with success. I decided to order one of the most popular products in this category and have not regretted.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. To use
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

This product is from the brand «SACE LADY,» attracted me with its design, good reviews (4.8 out of 5.0 rating) and promising description. The price at the time of my purchase was three hundred and fifty-three rubles and thirty cents per ml, but it is, by the way, constantly. Taking on Ali here on this page.

The seller quickly sent the goods, provided the track for the track and wrote me an email that my item has shipped and I can contact him anytime.

I waited for the goods is not long, and for a month he has already arrived to me (in the comments under the product, all customers praise the fast delivery as I do).


It was Packed in the standard package, inside lay a kind of makeshift «box» out of foam (see immediately the concern of the seller, this design is very dense and thick — it will definitely protect the product). Inside were a primer, Packed in the original box with the information on the outside, nothing get crushed and not damaged.

The primer is a transparent plastic tube, through which you can easily see the number inside funds. Top to be cover, and under it a very convenient dispenser, which is easy to adjust the amount of squeezing of the substance, all in black.

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Unfortunately, the dispenser there is no tube that would reach to the bottom, but the primer can be flipped the other end up and when all the liquid will move — easy squeeze.

The primer is clear, without any particles. Medium density, does not flow, but is not as dense as a regular cream. Has a very light, pleasant and not Intrusive smell of some herbs. Given the sea of Allergy and cranky skin, he approached me.

To use

Let’s talk about what this primer in the case. The tool is very economical, one small drop is enough for me the entire forehead. Easy to apply, but in the first seconds of an unpleasant feeling of a very warm film on the skin, after a few seconds, absolutely nothing felt.

The skin after application is very matte, reduced and closed against ingress of cosmetics pores. Makeup became easier to apply, mix, blend and do other things. It saves the makeup is lightweight, not sticky, very gentle.

Previously, I had three times as many shadows, but now all he is holding and they do not crumble during application. After I passed eight hours with this tool on the face, immediately concluded: the result is simply stunning.

Before my shadows have nothing left, only the lumps, after so many active hours but with this primer they stay as fresh all day as after application.

Mascara is not showered, the powder does not roll. Everything is just perfect!When the time came for removing makeup I’m even more in love with this tool.

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Makeup LADY after SACE became easier to remove my micellar water, and the pores remaining closed throughout the day, not huddled. It’s definitely one of the best tools.

Given my combination skin with very oily T-zone for such a result I did not even expect, but the primer has surpassed all my expectations.

I recommend everyone to buy this product and she too will be back to order it! Once again, order on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend patches for eyes and eyelids ALIVER and Soonpure — hydrophilic oil to clean the skin.