Powerful vacuum cleaner Midea with TMall

Half a year ago there was a need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner home. Without thinking twice decided to just go and order it on Aliexpress. Stopped his choice on the vacuum cleaner Midea VCB40A14D.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and in work
  3. Brush
  4. Wire and hose
  5. Video

Where to buy

At that time it was a good discount and I ordered it for only 2390 rubles, and this is a super price for such a vacuum cleaner. Sent my cleaner on the second day of ordering and I received it in 1.5 weeks in the post office. Bought on Aliexpress Tmall delivery from a warehouse in Russia with the official page of the manufacturer Midea.

Also works on it delivery even more convenient.

Appearance and in work

Arriving home, began to unpack the vacuum cleaner and he immediately liked me visually. There is nothing superfluous in the design, no unnecessary details, that’s fine.

As for the vacuum cleaner, Midea is a perfect budget cleaner. With adjustable power. In the smallest capacity is very quiet, the louder and perfectly sucks.

For small capacity, you can vacuum delicate carpets, any floor surface without a problem and quietly to clean his apartment. At high power vacuum cleaner even the thick carpet in my apartment attracts, which once again proves the good health of the cleaner.

I usually vacuum at medium power. The bag in the vacuum cleaner this model VCB40A14D capacity 3 l Love cloth bags,which can be easily washed. You can buy replacement bags, for those who do not particularly like to bother and wash bag.

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As for brush cleaner. Brush is simple but very well made. Has two positions of operation — simple and with retractable bristles,which are great to collect pet hair, get rid of the various fibers that accumulate in the carpets.

I love the brush arm — it is not painted in any color, she’s just metal, when folded, does not occupy a lot of space to work the arm is expanded and becomes a convenient height for comfortable work while cleaning around the house.

And at the expense of storage of the vacuum cleaner: a vacuum cleaner does not occupy much space in the house. Personally, I clean the brush, fold it and put.

Wire and hose

Wire Midea vacuum cleaner easily twists click of a button, the hose also does not occupy much space, it is very soft but at the same quality. Very interesting for me, the notch is on the body of the vacuum cleaner, and need it in order to insert the brush in this recess, this method is also very convenient for storage.

While using this cleaner, I have never regretted my purchase. A great vacuum cleaner for the same amount. Suggest to buy. Can still advise home clipper KAIRUI and Shoe dryer DMWD.