Powerful room air ionizer for apartment or home Xiaomi

Why do you need an air ionizer in the house and what good is it for health I are hard to describe I will not. If you found this article, so just know that the apartment or house is the best device to have as a humidifier for the heating season or dry summer.

If there’s smoke from Smoking is a must!

Where to buy

Found on Aliexpress a brand AiNiJia. Power 1.8 Watts, which should last about 15-30 square meters. That is a typical Studio apartment or standard room.

It did not come cheap — about$ 15, but there were a lot of good reviews. In addition, similar to more famous brands such as Xiaomi are 3-4 times more expensive, but it seems to sense the same.

Thus, instead of Xiaomi I decided to take this and not to overpay for the brand. There are various other brands from the same seller. Took on Aliexpress here.

The parcel arrived to Izhevsk in about 3 weeks. Packed pretty well. He has an American plug, but the seller helpfully put in the kit adapter is pretty good quality, which clearly stands in place and does not wobble. Even remove difficult.

On top there is a knob for tuning and the inclusion of no more settings there. Of course, no Bluetooth, all timers, but this is not necessary.

After turning on the back lights up slightly prominent indicator. So to prevent sleep it will not, but it is clear that the socket sticks out and turned on the ionizer.


Here’s my experience and feeling of using…

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If you put your nose right to the hole, you smell like after a thunderstorm :), so it must be working — I decided. Indeed, the air in the room the night is fresh, like really outdoors and it had just rained. Accordingly, sleep my wife and I have become much better.

The smells, too many neytralizuya. If you have smokers is all about the rescue. So we are very happy. Again, ordered on Ali here on this page. And there is nothing to overpay for all sorts of Xiaomi, which is wound several times for unnecessary features. Now I want to buy the oral irrigator for oral and massager Kuznetsova, well, to fully engage in their health.