Powerful mini PC, EGLOBAL mini PC

In one Internet cafe in a European airport, I saw that the monitors are small sistemnik with a bunch of connectors and silent. And it wasn’t the Mac mini to which I have become accustomed.

Asked the cafe worker, I learned that it is certain EGLOBAL mini PC from Aliexpress. Decided to a book like that, I was just thinking to change your work computer.

It turned out that the sale of this brand in the Ali operates a shop Topton, offering to collect the most appropriate equipment, miniPC literally clicks of the mouse.

Processor, amount of RAM and SSD or HDD capacity, video card, all to choose from. The calculator will show the price and can play for a long time, collecting your working or gaming horse here at this link.

Digging, I chose the following items were his EGLOBAL…

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Description
  3. Opinion
  4. Video


  • Processor 8-core Intel i7 4850HQ;
  • Memory 8GB DDR4;
  • SSD 120 GB. Why so little, talk a little lower;
  • Graphics card decided to use the built-in, if need be — to purchase he has the same right.

Wi-Fi and Bluetoth are composed by default.


The body is standard and depends on the parts inside. Two connectors for headphones and microphone, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB3.0, network port, power, VGA for older monitors and HDMI. But it is only with the rear.

Front button switch with on indicator and load hard disk (blue-red), four ports USB.

Bottom and the back has holes for cooling. Even the bottom has holes for bolts on which to hang a large HDD to 3.5 inches (2.5 is installed inside). Which is very convenient, you can use the M2 SSD for OS and all programs and files are downloadable and easy to store to use an external hard drive! No need to buy an external dock.station HDD.

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But that’s not all! Inside even 2 disc to insert, look at the video below.


Overall very happy with everything. Disassemble it and, if necessary, replace something it’s very easy.

The advantages with regard to conventional a Desk system unit:

  • Weight about 3 pounds;
  • Almost no noise, very quiet like a laptop;
  • You can put on the table and not to climb down to connect pendrive, hard drive or anything else. By the way, the bottom feet are rubberized very well, does not slip and if you do not raise from the surface, Fig generally move;
  • Low power consumption;
  • You can put higher and it will not be all the dust collects in the bottom as this is standard makes a normal sistemnik.

Thus, a computer table brand EGLOBAL mini PC very capable to compete with normal healthy standard «box» under the table. And power will not concede, and if you want you can upgrade.

Again, took on Aliexpress here. By the way, I recommend another gaming mouse Razer, which is convenient to use always, not just in games. And aeromike with a full QWERTY keyboard in Russianto control the computer from bed or sofa!


The video is not mine, just found on YouTube, but talking about this device, and then tests it. Both parts I posted here: