Powerful lamp for drying gel Polish on 48 Watt

Decided to buy the lamp, as I have to other subway on 36 W, which is often not dry the gel Polish, with the formation of bubbles. With this lamp, no such problems.

It dries any coating that is applied even in thick layers. Now I stopped to pay attention to the thickness of the layer, spread it thinly. With some lucky turns applied in a single layer, and not worry that he cower in the lamp, or become a bubble, away from the nail.

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  1. Description and specifications
  2. Shipping and communication with seller
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  4. Advantages

Description and specifications

Acquired a powerful lamp about six months ago for 16.99 USD on Aliexpress right here. All this time works successfully. It is worth considering that I don’t use it professionally, and used solely for myself and family. In the lamp 24 diode.

In sum, the lamp power of 48 watt RMS, that is, each diode at 2 watts. Weight 560 g. There is a motion sensor, so with the introduction of the hand into the lamp, it turns on automatically. But he is not in the center, and on the side, irritating dry thumbs, because sometimes the sensor is turned off.

The top has several buttons, which show the operating mode. Using the buttons you can set the cycle time to 10, 30, and 60 seconds. And I’m very happy because in the old tunnel lamp had to wait for 2 minutes.

It’s a living hell, if the paint is liquid, flowing and need to be applied one nail. Then for a manicure 3-4 hours. Now manage 2 hours with strengthening.

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Powered by 220 volts. Do not use a battery as the power standard. Offline use will not work. It is worth noting the unusual design, which differs from analogues, and something reminded me of a spaceship. Looks very stylish and is quite worth the price.

Shipping and communication with seller

Arrived this powerful lamp is very fast, in about 2 weeks. All this time was tracked, the seller claims no. Quickly sent, reported on the tracking number. Very pleased with the packaging as the goods are fragile.

The box was not, but was a foam box, which is taped in pimples. Everything is carefully Packed, sealed with tape, nothing broken off, fell out. The cord was removed, and Packed separately.

Advantages and disadvantages

Overall very satisfied, of the disadvantages I note that at high power, the first few seconds after the introduction of the hand into the lamp, the base burns.

Therefore, if your nails are very thin, sawn, you will have to take breaks, and every 5 seconds to pull out a hand, as long as the coating does not seize, does not cease to burn. I usually stick two-layer coating. The first layer — thin and rubbing, and the second alignment. So it is possible to avoid burning.

In this lamp dries out absolutely everything about gels, the land for 30 seconds. Even the most pigmented, polymerized perfectly without bubbles or damage.

Regarding the capacity-and building an artificial material, then used the gel and polihale.

I can say that these materials are perfectly dry in one minute. A thin layer of gel to strengthen the land sometimes for 30 seconds. Dry even capricious Camos, and gel-jelly, which is very bad polimerizuet at laying in a thick layer. This lamp is deal with them too.

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Can’t say that the lamp is designed for home users. The fact that it is quite powerful and the price is not quite affordable. Conventional tunnel lamp or mini-bulb at 12 watts is much cheaper.

But they are suitable only for the application of gel Polish without the strengthening and polygala. This lamp is perfect for building, so I can recommend her for a manicure and girls “cebasek” that make the strengthening of the gel or polihale at home.

The main advantage of a powerful lamp for manicure is a removable bottom. It’s on the magnets, it does not fall off and does not fly, even if the lamp to take up over the top.

The bottom is very firmly fixed with the use of magnets. This enables you to dry even the nails from the top forms, if there is no pegs. That is, when it is necessary to press with one hand that it is correctly recorded on your finger.


  • Stylish design
  • Three modes
  • The presence sensor
  • The lack of heating of the housing
  • Removable bottom
  • High power

Compared to my old lamp, it is much more compact and smaller in size. It does not turn out to enter in her two hands. But this is not necessary, as none of the masters does not cause the gel Polish to all nails.

Usually work conveying method for distributing a small amount of Polish on one nail. In the drying process to apply gel Polish on the second nail. Home masters usually apply a well pigmented, thick varnishes on the one hand, dried, and then the second.

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Therefore, the size of power tubes for 48 Watts enough to enter into her palm or leg, in the case of gel nail Polish on toenails. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.