Powerful headlamp Boruit 1000 Lm

I need a powerful headlamp, of course immediately turned to Aliexpress. The search gave a lot of expensive and cheap options, so I had to find a flashlight for reviews and reviews.

The choice fell on the brand Boruit, the more they have a large number of different models, official page for Ali guarantee. Anyway, it seemed to me then, Beruit is a very good ratio price/quality.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. The brightness of the led
  4. Video

Where to buy

As already indicated above, ordered from the official representative of the manufacturer here. Model XPL V5 to 1000 lumens of brightness. Two weeks later I was unpacking a parcel in Ufa, shipping was free.


The body is made from aluminum and fully anodized, including all deep places and carving. By the way, all the joints from the pain sealed with a rubber gasket making it water resistant. Its weight is only about 60 grams without the batteries.

The soft button is lit in the dark and conveniently located under your thumb if to take him by the hand. It shows normal operation, or blinks if the battery is discharged to 3 volts.

The lens consists of 2 parts, the reflector its of aluminum for heat dissipation. Led Cree, maybe original, but not the fact! The insides are fully replaceable and repairable.

On the headlamp holder rubber mount, which is very tightly and securely holds the product Boruit.

The brightness of the led

As already mentioned above, the led may be a Cree original, but given the cost of the lamp is unlikely. However, when this constant brightness and excellent work during the year, to me anyway: there’s a real Cree or not!

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At maximum brightness the head part is strongly heated, but heat is poorly transmitted to the hand and especially the forehead !

Everything else look in the video below, to purchase recommend, again, bought at the official representative of the brand Boruit on this page in Aliexpress.

For comparison, I can recommend the review at flashlight NiteCore — Fenix.